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ID the ways HIV is transmitted

HIV is transmission through blood and body fluids.
-unprotected sex, needle scaring, breast-milk and breaks in universal precautions.


Vertical transmission (mom to baby) occurs how often the mother is not treated during pregnancy?

only occurs 30-50% of the time.


Discribe universal precautions.

Protection from blood and body fluids is the goal of standard precautions. standard precautions initiate barrier protection between caregiver and client through hand washing, using gloves, using gowns and masks, using eye protection as indicated, depending on activity care and the likelihood of exposure, preventing needle sticks by not recapping needles.


What are the side effects of amphoterichin B?

Side effects of amphotericin B can be quite severe, they include anorexia, chills, cramping, muscles, and joint pain, and circulatory problems.


What does the CD4 T-cell count describe?

CD4 T-cell count describes the number of infections-fighting lymphocytes the person has.


Why does the CD4 T-cell count drop in HIV infection?

CD4 t-cell count drops bc of virus destroys the cd4 T-cells as it invades them and replicates them.


Describe the ways a pediatric client might acquire HIV infection.

Ped acquisition may occur through infected blood products, through sexual abuse, and through breast milk.


Hesi Hint about CMV

Pregnant women should not provide care to a client with cytomegalovirus (CMV) bc fetal exposure to CMV can be detrimental to a developing fetal.


Hesi Hint about HIV pt with TB

HIV pt w/ TB require resp isolation. the TB is the only real risk for non-pregnant caregivers that is not related to a break in standard precautions.


An individual exposed to HIV may remain asymptomatic for many years dependent of various factors and if he or she is activity under a medical regimen...

of antiretroviral therapy (ART).

Clients are not normally admitted to the hospital until it has progressed to an AIDS Dx.