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The hip joint is an articulation between what?

The acetabulum and the femur


If the hip joint is a ball and socket joint, what is the ball and what is the socket?

Ball: femoral head
Socket: acetabulum


What two features is the hip joint mainly designed for?

Stability and mobility.


What forms the posterior, superior and anterior parts of the acetabulum?

Superior: ilium
Anterior: pubis
Posterior: ischium


How much of the femoral head do the pelvic bones cover, and what covers the remaining portion?

The ilium, ischium and pubis cover 3/4 of the femoral head, the Transverse acetabular ligament


What does the Transverse Acetabular Ligament cover?

The acetabular notch inferiorly


Whats is the purpose of having a femur neck?

It allows for increased mobility.