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Memorize the anatomy of the kidney

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Memorize the blood flow in the kidneys

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The proximal convoluted tubules reside in the ____



The loop of henle resides in the ____



Memorize the anatomy of the nephron

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Collecting ducts have _____ epithelial cells



The _____ _____ is the location where the renal pyramids in the medulla empty urine into the _____ _____in the kidney.

renal papilla, minor calyx


The basal lamina in the renal corpuscle serves as the _____.

molecular filtration barrier


What are pedicels and podocytes?

Podocytes (or visceral epithelial cells) are cells in the Bowman's capsule in the kidneys that wrap around capillaries of the glomerulus.[1] The Bowman's capsule filters blood, retaining large molecules such as proteins while smaller molecules such as water, salts, and sugar are filtered as the first step in forming urine.

The long processes, or foot projections (pedicels) of the podocytes wrap around the capillaries, and leave slits between them. Blood is filtered through these slits, each known as a filtration slit or slit diaphragm.

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What are mesangial cells?

Mesangial cells are specialized cells around blood vessels in the kidneys, at the mesangium. Primary function of mesangial cells is to remove trapped residues and aggregated protein from the basement membrane thus keeping the filter free of debris.


What's this?

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This is a brush cell. These are in the proximal tubules of the kidneys and the microvilli are on the side of the urinary space (in contact with the glomerular filtrate). On the opposite side of the microvilli, there are many Na-K-ATPase pumps. Brush cells are full of mitochondria because they need a lot of ATP to drive the pumps.