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What kind of epithelium is this?

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Respiratory Epithelium


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Blue Star: false vocal fold (it is below seromucous glands)

Yellow Star: true vocal fold (it is close to the vocalis muscle)

Black area: the vocalis muscle

Space between the stars: the laryngeal ventricle


What is this?

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What is this?

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Metaplasia of respiratory epithelium


This is the lumen of what? What are the yellow lines?

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Main stem bronchus in hila, yellow is smooth muscle


**you know its a main stem bronchus and not an intrapulmonary bronchus because of the LARGE irregular plates of cartilage, and the surrounding tissue is not alveolar**


What is this? What is the dark purple in the lower left corner? What is the lighter purple?

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Intrapulmonary bronchus

Dark purple is a lymph nodule, light purple is cartilage and the large washed out cells in it are chondrocytes.


What cells are these?

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Ciliated cell (yellow) and basal cell (red)


Identify the layers

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1: mucosa

2: submucosa

3: cartilage layer

4: adventitia


What is this?

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Terminal bronchiole


What kind of cell is this?

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Clara cell: protruberant apical surface with lots of vessicles to be secreted and SER to detoxify