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dates alphonsine



why is it hard for us to know what vulgar latin (where spanish descends from) is like

it was never systematically written down. As the philologist Menéndez Pidal put it (1968:3), el cantero más rudo, al grabar un letrero, se proponía escribir la lengua clásica ‘the least polished stone mason, when he carved a sign, tried to write the classical language.’ Only in a handful of inscriptions, prescriptive treatises such as the famous Appendix Probi, and the occasional non-standard text are we given a glimpse of how Latin was actually spoken by the population at large


examples of syncope of intertonic or unstressed vowels from latin to spanish

ciudad < cīv(i)tātem, pueblo < pop(u)lum, ojo < oc(u)lum


etymology of spanish 'como'

vulgar latin quomo -> contraction of latin quo modo 'in what way'