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This shows Hector is in despair

What made me piss life away in this godforsaken place


Bond between Hector and boys is established

Child, I am your teacher. Whatever I do in this room is a token of my trust


How does Hector describe Irwin's teaching?



Demonstrates Hectors rejection of Irwin's gamesmanship

Why can't they all just tell the truth?


Reveals Hectors sincere belief in the importance of literature. Also shows he needs other people to make his life worthwhile

The best moments in reading are when you come across something - a thought, a feeling, a way of looking at things - which you had thought special and particular to you


This thing that Hector quotes AE Housman on shows his attitude to knowledge

All knowledge is precious whether or not it serves the slightest human use


How is Hector first introduced?

Man of studied eccentricity


This shows that Hector is more sensitive than Irwin

How can you teach the holocaust?


Suggests Hector fails to see what he did wrong by touching the boys

I didn't actually do anything. It was a laying-on of hands, I don't deny that, but more in benediction than gratification or anything else.


Shows Hectors views on Oxbridge

Nobody mentions Oxford or Cambridge in my lessons


Shows the connection Hector had with the boys

There was a contract between him and his class


The ending quote of Hector encapsulates Hectors educational philosophy

Pass it on, boys.
That's the game I want you to learn.
Pass it on.