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Bond between Hector and boys is established (p6)

Child, I am your teacher. Whatever I do in this room is a token of my trust.


Hector reveals himself to be more sensitive than Irwin in the holocaust scene (p70)

How can you teach the holocaust?


Irwin's tactics are shown to be successful (p97)

Splendid news! Poster a scholarship, Dakin an exhibition and places for everyone else.


A quote to suggest Posner's approach to education (p7)

[From King Lear] Speak what we feel, not what we ought to say


Shows a knowledge is a means to an end for Irwin (p26)

Poetry is good up to a point. Adds flavour.


Mrs Lintott's cynical view on why women marry (p92)

Man's lukewarm attentions just what they married them for


Shows Dakin sees Fiona as territory to conquer (p28)

She's my Western front.


Hector rejects Irwin's exam technique (p83)

Why can they not just tell the truth?


Irwin's view on exam technique is shown - originality (p26)

You can write down, Rudge, that 'I must not write down every word the teacher says.'


Hector is shown to be in despair (p65)

What made me piss my life away in this god-forsaken place


Irwin shows off his tactic to doing well in history exams (p74)

this is history. Distance yourself.


Rudge's simple and comedic view on history (p85)

It's just one fucking thing after another


A quote that completely demonstrates Hector's views on education. (p109)

Pass it on boys. That's the game I wanted you to learn. Pass it on.


Hector voices his suppressed desires (p94)

See it as an inoculation, rather. Briefly painful but providing immunity for however long it takes.


An important comment that shows Irwin's cynical nature (p1)

Paradox works well and mists up the windows


Irwin's populist views on history are shown (p35)

History nowadays is not a matter of conviction. It's a performance. It's entertainment. And if it isn't, make it so.


Mrs Lintott shows her feminist views (p85)

History is a commentary on the various and continuing incapabilities of men.


Hector does not understand that touching the boys was wrong (p95)

I didn't actually do anything. It was a laying on of hands


Mrs Lintott's view on male-dominated history (p85)

History is women following behind with a bucket


A quote supporting Bennett's views on the randomness of history (p105)

And here history rattled over the points...


Explains Lintott's factual approach to history (p9)

Plainly stated and organised facts need no presentation, surely


Irwin's views on what education is for contrasts that of Hector's

Education isn't something for when they are old and grey and sitting by the fire. It's for now.


Shows how Hector loves literature (p56)

The best moment in reading is when you come across something - a thought, a feeling, a way of looking at things that you thought special to you


Hector may not be all that he seems (p4)

Studied eccentricity


Headmaster expresses his outrage at Hectors touching of the boys (p53)

A hand on a boy's genitals at fifty miles an hour, and you call it nothing?


The headmasters superficiality is revealed when talking to Mrs Lintott (p8)

Factually tip-top as your boys always are, something more is required


Indicates the Headmaster's opinion on the boys education (p11)

All bright but they need polish. Edge.


Reveals the headmasters superficial approach to education (p9)

Think charm. Think polish. Think Renaissance Man.