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Demonstrates Irwin's approach o exams and education as game

Truth is no more at issue in an examination than thirst at a wine tasting or fashion at a strip tease


A summation of Irwin's dispassionate stance on historical events, including the Holocaust

But this is history. Distance yourselves.


Posner's parents object to Irwin's...?

'Angle' on the Holocaust


This shows why Irwin doesn't like the truth

Paradox works well and mists up the windows, which is handy. "The loss of liberty is the price we pay for freedom" type of thing


When the boys first see Irwin in the French scene, this is the stage direction

There is a perceptible moment


Nick Hytner, original director of the play, describes Irwin as this. Shows all points of view are equally valid

Swashbuckling relativism


This shows Irwin's modern, forward-thinking, populist views on history. Shows why he goes into showbiz

History nowadays is not a matter of conviction. It's a performance. It's entertainment. And if it isn't, make it so.


This stresses Irwin's view on the need for originality

You can write down, Rudge, that 'I must not write down every word the teacher says'


Shows Irwin's cynical views on literature. Knowledge is means to an end

Poetry is good up to a point. Adds flavour.


This word shows what Irwin was trying to teach the boys. A...



This contrasts with Hectors view of anti-examinations

Education isn't something for when they're old and grey and sitting by the its for now.