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What is a Axon hillock

Part of neuronal body that connects the body to the axonal projection


What veins fuse to form the superior vena cava?

The right and left braciocephalic


What veins branch off to form the subclavian vein?

External jugular vein

Internal Jugular vein


Shortly after the the subclavian vein, it transforms in the axillary vein. What landmark of the clavicle approximates branching of the cephalic vein from the axilary vein?

1-2 fingers inferior to the Lateral 1/3rd of the clavicle (see HNN completely anatomy slide for venous supply of neck and arm)


Explain the difference between the vasculature arising from the aortic arch on the right and left sides - see CA slides for arterial supply arising into neck and shoulder.

Right hand side has brachiocephalic trunk that arises from the aortic arch. This then branches into the subclavian artery and the RIGHT common carotid.

The left hand side has no braciocephalic trunk, and instead forms 2 of the 3 branches from the aortic arch (1 is the braciocephalic trunk). The 2nd is the LEFT common carotid and the third is left subclavian.


Of the carotid branhes, which is more anterior?

the external


Phrenic branch origin?

C3,4,and 5


What structure does the recurrent laryngeal nerve look around? At what vertebral level does this occur?

Loops around subclavian



What vertebral level is the sternum?



What is the carotid sheath? What structures does it enclose?