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What is clonus?

- shivering or flex/extension prolonged in response to a single stimulus


Which breeds are commonly affected by vascular lesions?

grey hounds/lurchers


What is high velocity/low volume disk extrusion?

- acute nucleus pulposus extrusion (cant actually tell the velocity)
- bit of healthy disk breaks off and shoots into SC
- initially painful, improvies within 24hours


Why does the cauda equina exist? Where does it begin?

- SC and vertebral column grow at different rates (L1 in humans, L??? in dogs, further back in small breeds)


What is Shiff-Sherrington? Is this a prognostic indicator?

- ^ tone htoracic limbs
- no tone pelvic limbs
- d/t border cels thoracolumbar region affected
- NOT a prognostic indicator, but worse Shiff-Sherrington indicates deeper structures affected so likely vascular event (affecting middle of SC) cf. cord compression d/t IVDD etc.


Tx vascular lesions?

- optimise perfusion (fluids)
- cage rest


Ddx for shiff-sherrington type presentation?

C1-C5 lesion
- r/o as proprioception of forelimbs still present with Shiff


How may UMN lesions present?

- acute: flaccid "spinal shock" T3-L3 myelopathy looks like LMN, peracute lesion with NO reflexes - will resolve spontaneously ~24hrs
- chronic: spastic


What pathology are border terriers predisposed to?

> canine epileptoid cramping disorder
- episodic, paroxysmal, normal conciousness but all 4 limbs affected (~= generlsied seizure)
- GI problems also seen - gassy


What is labrador myopathy?

congenital centronuclear myopathy


What pathology are bulldogs predisposed to?

> idiopathic head tremors
- "yes" or "no" shaking
- 60% will grow out of the conditions


How can neurologic, NMJ and muscular problems be differentiated?

> muscles
- paresis, no ataxia
> NMJ (botulism/myasthenia gravis)
- worsens with excercise
> nerves
- motor and sensory (most neuropathies affect both)
- 4 limbs affected
- ataxia poss
- v reflexes
- Ddx C1-C5 myelpathy (reflexes would be ok in this case)