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How common is infectious encephalitis in the UK?

not common
- EHV spinal cord
- West nile virus (flavivirus spread by mosquitos throughout US)


Which antipyschotic drug can lead to neuro signs similar to seizure?



Potential physiological causes of equine collapse?

Sleep deprivation
- horses need REM sleep lying down


What lesion may cause bilateral paresis of the thoracic limbs?

Brachial plexus (C6-T2)


What pathogens can be detected on serology?

- EHV1 (differentiate from vax - PCR on NP swabs or buffy coat of blood)
- lyme dz (associated with ticks and deer - SW, N, hard to dx as often sero +)
- louping ill (more common sheep and goats, occasionally seen SW)
- sarcocystis neurona
- toxoplasmosis
- neosporosis


How many cervical vertebrae do most mammals have?

7 (manitees and sloths have 6)


Most common cause of seizures in horses?

1* Idiopathic


Tx seizures in horses?

- phenobarb
- diazepam/midazolam SID/CRI
- alfalfa (high calcium) hay
- calcium carbonate
+- TMPS BID in case of bacterial meningitis? afe long term, oral, ok for pregnancy
- prednisolone?? (not sure why)


What may be added into tx if horse is pregnanct to v risk of abortion?

- progesterone analogue (regumate altrenogest)


Define focal seizures

- repeaable, focal eg. localised muscle fasciculations


Define generalised seziures

- generalised, progress from facial -> multi muscle groups +- conciousness and collapse


Define status epilepticus

- severe tonic clonic muscle spasm + collapse
- unconcious
- dont last long


What benign condition manifests as seizures?

Benign epilepsy of Arab foals
- cluster seziures starting @2-3 mo
- grow out by 1 yr
- metabolism and PE NAD
- = Lavender foal syndrome associated with hair coat colour change


Tx benign epilepsy of arab foals



Causes of 2* seizures

> metabolic
- hepatic encephalopathy usually depressive rather than seizure inducing
> electrolyte imbalance
- v Ca
- v Mg
- v Cl
> neoplastic
- rare
> space occupying lesions
- strangles lesion in brain
- cholesteatoma choroid plexus ventricles (cholesterol granuloma) -> 2* hydrocephalus d/t v CSF outflow
> iatrogenic
> air embolism
> intra-carotid injection
> post-myelography
- avoid metrizamine contrast agent, use IOHEXOL instead and tilt head during injection
- premed with dexamethosone to v sterile inflam responsee to drug