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What is homeostasis?

Any self regulating process by which biological systems maintain stability whilst adjusting to variable environmental conditions


What is a steady state?

The internal environment is stable, not static, in a dynamic equilibrium. Change occurs but relatively uniform conditions prevail


Why is it important to maintain a steady state?

External environments vary and some external conditions would be lethal to individual cells. Internal processes also require certain conditions to successfully function


What is a receptor?

Measures the internal environment


What is the control centre?

Sends a message to the effector via nervous or endocrine system when parameter exits normal range


What is a stimulus?

Fluctuations in variables away from the normal


What is negative feedback?

A response that reduces it damps a stimulus


What is positive feedback?

Relatively rare,always parts of larger negative feedback system, trigger mechanisms that amplify rather than diminish the stimulus


What is torpor?

A state of mental or physical inactivity, heart rate and temp falls


What are the side effects of doping?

Body is trying to get back to a steady state


What are the reasons for using performance enhancing drugs?

Build muscle mass and strength
Increase O2 delivery to exercising tissue
Mask pain/injury
Decrease weight
Hide use of other drugs


What is erythropoietin? (EPO)

Hormone that stimulates erythrocyte protein released by the kidney


What is the stimuli for erythropoietin?

Low atmospheric oxygen, high levels of exercise, haemorrhaging


What are the benefits of EPO doping?

Increases supply by 7-10%, used to increase erythrocyte levels which means greater oxygen delivery to muscles


What are the side effects of EPO doping?

Blood thickens, heart has to work harder so there is an increased risk o heart attack or stroke


What is meldonium?

Drug used to treat coronary heart disease, increases blood flow and oxygen flow