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summarise organogenesis

Formation of organs and organ systems, involves the localised shape changes of tissues and individual cells


What is neuralation?

Refers to the folding process in vertebrate embryos, which includes the transformation of the neural plate into the neural tube


What forms first in frogs and other chordates?

The neural tube and notochord


How does the neural plate form?

Forms in response to a number of signalling molecules secreted by mesoderm tissues


How does the notochord form?

Forms from dorsal mesoderm that condenses when cells associate tightly as a group just above the archenteron


How does the neural tube form and what does it become?

Neural plate curls inwards, rolling into a tube. It becomes the animals CNS


What is the neural crest?

Develops in vertebrate embryos, develops along border where neural tube pinch off from ectoderm


What do neural crest cells do?

Migrate to various parts of the embryo and form peripheral nerves, teeth, skull bones etc.


What happens to strips of mesoderm lateral to the notochord form?

Separate into blocks called somites.


What are somites?

Division of the body of an animal or embryo