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Define cerebral hemisphere.

The cerebral hemisphere is the part of the brain where you make a conscious decision to stay hot or cold.


What does vasodilation mean?

Vasodilation is the widening of the blood vessels.


Explain what vasoconstriction means.

Vasoconstriction is the narrowing of the blood vessels.


Define enzymes.

Enzymes are a protein that catalyses (speeds up) chemical reactions in living things.


What does hypothalamus mean?

The hypothalamus is the processing part of the brain for sleep, water balance, body temperature and other functions.


Define catalysts.

Catalysts is a chemical which speeds up a chemical reaction but it is not used up in the process.


Explain what shivering means.

Shivering is very quick muscle contractions, it releases more energy from muscle cells to raise the body temperature.


Define an antagonistic effector.

An antagonistic effector has the opposite effect. The increasing activity of one effector is accompanied by the decreasing activity of an antagonistic effector, and vice versa. This allows for a finer degree of control than if an effector was just shut on and off (tonic control).


What does homeostasis mean?

Homeostasis is keeping a steady state inside your body.


Explain what convection means.

Convection is the heat transfer in fluids (liquids and gases).


Define radiation.

Radiation is heat transfer that can travel through a vacuum, this is the only thermal energy transfer that doesn't require particles


What does conduction mean?

Conduction is the heat transfer in a solid, the particles are in fixed positions, so they are only able to vibrate.


Define Negative feedback.

Negative feedback is when a change in the system results in a action that will reverse the change, bringing the system back to it's normal state.


What does respiration mean?

Respiration is a series of chemical reactions in cells that release energy for the cell to use.


Define hypothemria.

Hypothermia is a drop in body temperature below 35 °C


Explain what insulator means.

Insulator is a medium that reduces thermal energy loss., Fat and air are good examples.