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Catablic vs Anabolic Hormones

Catabolic- glucagon, glucocoticoids, catecholamines


Anaboli- insulin, testosterone, thyroid hormones 


What are some endocrine glands and tissues

Hypothalamus/pturay gland

Adrenal glands


Testes ovaries

Thyroid and parathyroid


Pineal glands


Where are corticosteroid hormones produced?



Corticosteroid- adrenal cortex 


Catecholamine- adrenal medulla


Explain the relationshpi between the hypothalmus and the pituitary

The hypothalsmus reaches directly in the posterior pituitary through axonal transport of neurohormones. They are released into the blood from the posterior pituitary where they target peripheral cells. 


The anterior pituitary is connected to the hypothalamus via the median eminence. Hormones are released by the median eminence into the bloodstream and reach the anterior pituarty and have paracrine and endorcine function. 


POsterior pituitary hormones

ADH and Ocytocin


Anterior Pituitary hormones

Follicle stimulating hormones

Luteinizing hormones

Adrenocorticotrophic homrone

Thyroid stimulating hormone



E-- MSH- melanocyte stimulating 
GRowth hormone


Explain the 3 feedback loops of regulation the hypothalamus pituitary 

Ultrashort- hypothalamus secretions inhibit themselves-- autocrine

Short- Pituitary hormones regulate hypothalmus 

Long- hypothalmus is regulated from hormones secreted in peripheries (target hormones)


What does the adrenal gland regulate

Blood glucose

Protein turnover

Fat metabolism

Electrolyte balnce

Cardiovascular tone

INjur response 

stress survival 


Two layers of the adrenal. What are the origins of each? What do they each secrete?


Cortex== mesoderm. Secretes Corticosteroids-- Aldoesterones, Cortisol and sex steroid percurosos


Medulla- ectoderm- Catecholamines-- Epi and NE


IMportant facts of about cholesterol in the synthesis of adreno-corticosteroids?


Synthesis is wehre

Special enzyme

Cholesterold Stored in vesicles and esterified

Corticosteroid synthesis is in the mitochondria or ER

With Cytochrome P450


Layers of cortex production for each cortex/cortiocosteroid hormones

Zona fasciculata- outeer- Cortisol

Zona Glomerulosa- aldosterone


Explain the feedback in regulating Cortisol release


Hypo releases CRH which stimulates ACTH in the anterior pituitary and Cortisol from the 


Short loop- ACTH(from pituitary) inhibits CRH(hypothalmus)

Long loop- Crtisol from adrenal inhibits ACTH and CRH (within minutes)

Cortisol also lessens the synthesis of ACTH (hrs)


What does Cortisol target

Stress hormone- responses mediated by increased transcriptional actiivty

Increases liver glcogen s