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Health risk of diabetes

Some cancers
Anesthesia/surgical rsik
Social discrimination


Causes of Obesity


Combination of biology and behavior

Main- toxic-- more calories less movement

1. Genetics- 70% of variance is genetic
2. early onset
3. Obesity in one parent doubles the risk
4 Medications
5. Toxic environment- more food processed and available
6. Increase calories
7. Less activity


Appropriate characterustics of diets

Should not exclude major food groups

Must be manageable. palatable, and sustainable long term


Beahvioral weigh management

Less than 10% of behavioral keep all their weight off... most keep some off


Weight loss drugs

Shouldnt be used without the behavioral changes. Can be used for ppl that are always hungry or can't get full and feel

effective as long as you take them but tappers


Bariatric surgery

Severely obese >40 some as low as 30

involves higher risk than all weight loss. And easier to maintain the weight loss


Gastric bypass-- explain procedure.

Cut the stomach down reducingcaloric intake

Skip a pass of the SI

Causes dumping-- so high carb meal dumbs right into the SI so can cause flu like symptoms


Sleeve gastrctomy

Remove a huge portion of the stomach but the intestines are intact. Loose theri taste for sweets. Restrictive


Lap band

band around the top part of stomach so makes a smaller uppper stomach and emptying is slower

Lower risk -- quick healing


Order the surgeries in weight loss

Gastric bypass (remove some of stomach and SI)>> Gastric Sleeve (remove part of stomach)>>> Lap band (band around top of stomach)

The effectiveness matches the risk


Intervention for ppl
Under 25
25-30 Comord- No /Yes

27-30 Comorbid No/Yes

30-40 Cormordid No/Yes

Under 25- self manage prevention

25-30 Comorodid- No- self managment Yes- Lifestyle innvertion

27-30 Co morbid No- Lifestyle changes Yes- Lifestyle and drugs

30-40 Co-morbid No- Lifestyle changes Yes- Lifestyle and drugs

35-40 Yes- bariatric no Lifestyle and drugs
Over 40 Bariatric surgery


Difficulties in weight treating

1. Lack of training
2. Ineffectual (yoyo) and time consuming
3. Issue of conceptualizing-- don't consider them lazy or lacking will power-- physicians have negative stereotypes like population
4. Misconception that shame is helpful


4 step plan!

1. Have a plan! Healthy 3 meals
2, Portion size
3. Decrease consuption of fat and sugars
4. Walk 30 mins/most days


Number of kids oberweight/obese


Little lower in than adults whichs are 2/3


Obesity for Children

Consider BMI for AGE and this is indivative of adult weight. Healthy weight is 5-85
85-95 overweight
over 95- obese


Why obesity is high in children

Fmailial- strongest predictor is obese parent
Gestational- maternal diabetes, obesity, smoking

Adiposity rebound (age 3-7)- dip early in life is normal but a deep earlier than normal and increase earlier from that deep is indicative of obestity

Diet- bad food in large portions

Physical Activity- technology reduces activity and encourages snacking

school- reducing requirement of activity

Less walking more walking

Lack of romodels


Obesity treatment for children

Weight Goals= generally maintain weight because their growing and height will catch up

Medical Goals- prevent complications like metabolic syndrome

Behavioral- teach lifestyle habits-- treat behavioral issues

Diet- encourage healthy foods, planned meals

Physical activity- 60 mins of activity a DAY

1-2 hours or less a day in screen time

medical- less likely