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what are the steps of the federal legislative process?

1. sources of legislation
2. assignment to appropriate committee or committee or committees and assignment to a subcommittee
3. action by congress
4. presidential action


what are the sources of legislation?

congressmen, the executive branch, state legislatures, individuals and groups may make proposals to members


in step 2 of the federal legislative process, committee action, public hearings are open to the public, T/F?



how do subcommittees play a part in step 2, committee action?

they may mark up the bill and may make a favorable or unfavorable recommendation to the full committee or table the bill


full committee member may propose to amend the bill, T/F?



a committee may not table the bill, T/F?

F, they may table the bill


how does the committee report the bill?

it can be reported favorably, with amendments, adversely, or without recommendation


in step 3 of the federal legislative process, action by congress, how is approval for legislation met?

they approve similar legislation and then a conference committee meets to negotiate difference and so if agreement is reached both houses must pass a conference report before the bill goes to the president


in the 4th step of the federal legislative process, presidential action, what happens when the president signs the bill?

it becomes law


what happens if the president does not sign within 10 days?

it becomes a law


how does the pocket veto occur?

if congress adjourns before the 10 days expires and the president does not sign


how can the president's veto be overridden?

2/3rds majority vote in both houses of congress


why is it hard to do the right thing?

Politicians want to secure votes in time of election and refuse to stick their heads out for a cause that could jeopardize their job; the economic healthcare problems are solvable but all these solutions have the characteristics that someone must suffer large economic losses and we have a political process that will not force anyone to shoulder this burden and so solutions cannot be adopted


what are the key federal agencies?

centers for medicare and medicaid services (CMS), Heath Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)


what is the primary role of the center for medicare and medicaid services (CMS)?

largest part of DHHS, operates medicare and medicaid, largely responsible for implementing the ACA


what is the primary role for the health resources and services administration?

Main focus is preserving access to essential health services for poor, uninsured, rural, medically isolated, and socioeconomically depressed populations. It operates the national health service corps (NHSC) and controls the national practitioner data bank