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what is allocative tools?

these involve the direct provision of income, services or goods to certain groups of individuals or institutions. These can be redistributive or distributive


what is health policy?

defined as the principles that characterize the resources, services and political influences that impact the health of the population


what is redistributive policies?

designed to benefit only certain groups of people by taking money from one group and using it for the benefit of another like medicaid, CHIP, welfare and public housing programs


what is distributive policies?

these spread benefits throughout society. These include funding of medical research through the NIH, development of medical personnel, construction of facilities and the initiation of new institutions


what is public policies?

authoritative decisions made in the legislative, executive, or judicial branch of government intended to direct or influence the actions, behaviors or decisions of others


what is regulatory tools?

they call on government to prescribe and control the behavior of a particular target group by monitoring the group and imposing sanctions. Like quality improvement organizations (QIO)


what is health?

many definitions, its important if we have a healthcare system? But best definition: an active state of well being that encompasses mind body and spirit


what impacts health? list the Determinants of health

behaviors (30-50%), social circumstances (15-40%), environment (5-20%), genetics (20-30%), and medical care (10-20%). Highest being behaviors


What impacts health status?

economics, environment, education, culture, political stability, individual lifestyle, and access to the healthcare system


what is policy again?

1)can be formal or informal
2)different from law, i.e.- marijuana is legal and illegal in other states, policy of federal government is not highly regulated
3)intended and unintended consequences
4)value driven
5) not always separated from politics


what is an example of intended and unintended consequences of ethanol?

1)intended to reduce gasoline consumption, green house gases and dependence on foreign oil
2)unintended consequences like food scarcity and higher prices, increased greenhouses gases, water and air pollution, ecosystems disruption


what does authoritative mean in politics?

implies that the individuals must obey or should obey and that the authority can compel individuals to obey or be punished


what does value mean in politics? allocation?

distributing goods and services that held in favor by the public; limited resources are directed from one use to another use


what do we want health policy to achieve?

accessibility, cost, quality, and desired outcome


what is successful policy based on?

it provides value to patients


what was successful policy development according to Dr. Magee?

“Prioritization is critical to success”
“focusing on what is possible now, rather than on a long-term and currently unrealistic goal”
“choose small achievable goals that will impact large numbers of people”
“find what people value . . . and build your campaign on those values”


what was successful policy development according to Bjorn Lomborg?

A rational exercise driven by accurate information
Recognition that there are limited resources to address problems
Allocation of resources to achieve the best value
Prioritization of initiatives