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Absent PC, can officers conduct traffic stops on vehicles or individuals for the sole purpose of drug interdiction?

No, even with wall stops the officer shall develop pc to make the stop.


Departmental participation in these programs is intended to achieve:

Highway Criminal/Drug Interdiction; Assistance; Prevention.


The validity of a probable cause search is judged upon an ordinary person;

with your same training and experience, to arrive at the same conclusion.


Reasonable suspicion is based upon a ____, something related to a crime has just happened, is happening, or is about to happen, and (2) the vehicle or the person in the vehicle you have stopped, detained, or contacted (or pedestrian) is connected with that activity



A consent search is a valid way to conduct a warrantless search of a person, place, vehicle, container, etc... For consent and a consent search to be valid the following criteria need to be met:

-Consent must be granted freely and voluntarily
-the person granting consent must have standing over the items to be searched
-the scope or limitation of the search must be defined and cannot be exceeded by the officer unless PC exists
-the person granting consent has the right and must have the ability to withdraw the consent at any time.


The authority for ____ seizure and forfeiture of property is contained in the health and safety code.



a supervisor's approval should/shall be obtained prior to the seizure of any asset by departmental personnel.



The investigating law enforcement agency may hold seized property for up to ___ days to determine if there is sufficient evidence to file for forfeiture of the property. After ___ days, the asset must either be returned to the owner or held as evidence.



Seizing agencies are required to ensure that seized property is protected and its value preserved: vehicles seized by dept. personnel SHALL be stored at

motor transport section in Sacramento or Torrance.


Agencies shall notify the franchise tax board where there is a reasonable cause to believe the property seized has a value in excess of



Division Asset Forfeiture Coordinators SHALL be uniformed supervisors. Area AFC's ___ be uniformed supervisors.



if the area AFC believes they have a case which could result in the seizure of an asset, the area AFC shall notify the division within ___ days. The division AFC has ___ days to request the number from FSS, via email or phone.



When assets subject to seizure have been identified, a departmental uniformed supervisor should/shall be immediately notified and should/shall respond to the scene before assets are seized or removed.



T/F - When seizing money, two officers should be present and use a CHP 308, Asset forfeiture financial tally. If the scene is unsafe or a large amount of currency is found, money can be counted at another location for greater officer safety or accuracy.



Departmental assignments to a DTF should normally be for ___ years. An Additional year may be granted by division.



All adverse action investigations involving a CHP officer assigned to a drug task force should/shall be conducted by a CHP supervisor.



An MIS mask menu screen #50 (notification of drug/asset seizure) shall be completed when any of the following occur:

-Drugs are seized
-Currency is seized
-Obvious concealment locations are located
-Illegal Drugs or money are seized as a result of departmental canine involvement, regardless of amounts.


If a wall stop results in an arrest a disclosure report shall be sealed in an envelope and labeled _____ and attached to the submitted arrest report.

confidential report - not discoverable


Probable Cause exists when there are :

enough facts, training, knowledge to provide a Fair probability that the object you seek will be found in the location you want to search.


When allied agency/NTF requests CHP assistance (i.e. canine sniff, residential search warrant) the dept.'s percentage should not normally exceed ___%.



How many days from the date of the seizure does the Dept. have to file an interest in assets seized under federal law?



The asset forfeiture report shall contain:

the money counting institution and its address; the date and time of the count; the individual counting the money; if applicable, the date, time, and individual representing the allied agency which took possession of the currency and adopted the investigation.


T/F Money that is chemically analyzed or examined shall not be stored in the same location as narcotics.



When department's policy differs from task force policy, which policy shall be adhered to by the dept. employee?

Departmental policy shall prevail.


who is responsible for completing the CHP118, performance appraisal, for CHP officers assigned to a task force?

CHP supervisors


complaints generated by task force activities should be investigated by the _____.

task force supervisor.


complaints involving criminal conduct, immoral activity, or allegations that could result in an adverse action shall be referred to, an investigated by ____.

CHP supervisor.


T/F All weapons discharges by a CHP officer assigned to a task force shall be reported to their ____ supervisor.



CHP officers assigned to drug task forces should be limited to ___ hours of paid OT per month, excluding court overtime. Additional paid overtime hours may be approved by ___.

20; Division Chief


A CHP ___ shall be prepared for whenever any arrest or investigation is turned over to an allied agency for completion. The number ___ shall be placed in the Special box.

215; 110