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The majority of vacancies will be filled through an?

Open-competitive recruitment process open to the public as well as all current employees and temporary personnel


___ Recruitments are open to regular status employees, and must be approved by____?

Closed promotional,
H.R. Director.


All recruitment processes must include an _____ interview.



All applications for employment will be submitted through what Department ?

Human resources/ Risk Management


Interview process must include what type of interview ?

in-person panel


Interview panel members should be ______ and knowledgeable of the position and the department where the vacancy exists



The recruitment process may also contain?

additional assessments including written assessments, skill assessments, and physical ability assessments as they relate to the position.


Who will review and approve all materials and the composition of the interview panels to ensure diversity?

Human Resources/
Risk Management


All interview materials such as interview notes, assessments and reference checks must be returned to Who prior to an offer of employment being extended ?

Human Resources/ Risk Management


Who will assist the hiring authority in developing all materials for the interview process?

Human Resources/ Risk Management


A post-offer drug and alcohol screen and fire fighter physical is required for sworn non-promotional new hires.
Who will manage all details related to the scheduling and administration of post-offer drug and alcohol screens and physicals for its employees?

Fire Department personnel


Prior to any employee being assigned to safety-sensitive duties, the employee shall receive ___ minutes of substance abuse training and the supervisor shall receive ____minutes of substance abuse training,

-sixty (60)
-one hundred and twenty (120)


Initial review period for Police Department and Fire Department is __ months.

twelve (12)


The Human Resources & Risk Management Director at the request of a department director may extend an initial review period for an additional period, not to exceed _ months,

six (6)


Who must provide a written justification to the employee and the Human Resources & Risk Management Director explaining why it was not possible to evaluate the employee’s performance in the position during the preceding twelve (12) months and why the extension of the initial review period is warranted

The department director


An employee who does not meet the required standards may be dismissed prior to the end of the initial review period without what?

recourse to grievance or appeal procedures.


Who will be responsible for the maintenance of all records pertaining to recruitment and selection processes?

Human Resources/ Risk Management Department


An employee at the staff level shall give his/her supervisor __ weeks advance notice in writing stating his/her effective date of retirement or resignation. An employee at a managerial level shall provide notice of their intent to retire to his/her supervisor ___ days prior to the effective date of retirement or resignation.

-two (2)
-thirty (30) days


who is responsible for the coordination of the Exit Interview Program?

Human Resources/ Risk Management Director


Any regular status employee who retires or resigns (not including those terminated for cause from City service) after five (5) or more years of service, shall be compensated for accrued sick leave credits. Such sick leave credits shall be paid at a rate of what ?



All employees will be required to complete the Outside Employment Status form on an _____ basis regardless of whether they are engaged in outside employment.