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Upon the death of an employee’s immediate family member on fifty-two (52) hours work week will get how many hours off?

52 hours off


An additional 20.8 hours hours of bereavement leave may be granted if what is required?

out-of-state travel


The City will provide an aggregate of ____ hours of paid release time per fiscal year for all City employees to draw upon for the purpose of performing civic and community duties.



Full-time regular status employees can submit a “Request for Civic Duty Leave” to their supervisor no later than how many days in advance?



Twenty (20) hours of paid education leave per calendar year for employees who have worked for the city for how long?

one (1) full year of service


regular status employee who has five (5) or more years of City service and who is unable to work due to an injury or illness requiring an exceptionally long period of convalescence may apply for what?

Exceptional Disability Leave.


Exceptional Disability Leave up to the following limits:
Employee with 5-10 Years of Service will get ____ hrs and Employee with Over 10 years of Service will get ____ hrs

5 - 10 years = 240 hours
Over 10 years = 400 hours


The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) provides eligible employees with up to how many work weeks of leave a year?

twelve (12)


52 hour per week employees will receive ___ hours of Holiday pay.

10.4 hours


How many hours of Holiday Special Leave do you receive per calendar year?

15.6 hours


When Christmas Eve falls on a Saturday or a Sunday 52 hour employees will receive an additional __ hours of holiday special leave.

5.2 hours


During the first ______ months of the Medical Leave of Absence, the employee is guaranteed the right to return to his/her position or a similar position.

six (6) months


The maximum number of hours that 52 hour employee can use for Military Leave is ______ per fiscal year for Fire personnel.

416 hours per fiscal year


For sick leave in excess of three (3) days, the City shall require the employee to complete the Request for Medical Leave and provide What ?

a doctor’s verification of the need


All regular status employees shall accrue ____ hours of Sick Leave benefits per-hour-paid

.055 hours


Sick Leave Payout at Resignation-
An employee who resigns, not dismissed for cause, with five or more years of continuous City service shall be paid for accrued Sick Leave at what rate?

one-third (1/3) of the employee’s hourly wage (average for last 36 months)


All regular status employees shall accrue annual Vacation Leave on a per-hour-paid basis
Years of service
0-5 years =
5-10 years =
10+ years =

Years of service
0-5 years = .066
5-10 years = .076
10+ years = .095


What is the vacation leave accrual limit for 52 hour employees?

520 hours


City employees may receive education assistance in the form of a one-time, lump sum to offset the costs of obtaining higher education relevant to City employment .
Associate’s degree =
Bachelor’s degree =
Master’s degree =

Associate’s degree = $400.00
Bachelor’s degree = $800.00
Master’s degree = $1,200.00