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What fluid and what PSI for hydraulic system

Skydrol hydraulic
And 3000PSI


The main components of the hydraulic system

2 engine driven pump
4 electrical hydraulic pump
One hydraulic transfer unit
3 reservoirs
5 accumulator


How many hydraulic systems

3 systems


What does the hydraulic system provide power to?

Flight spoilers
Flight controls
Landing gear
Nose wheel steering
Wheel brakes
Trust reversers


Can the fluid from one system be used by another system



What is the system logic to activate the AC hydraulic pumps

In flight
EDP or engine fail
Flaps more than than 0

During landing the AC pump stays on for 60 seconds after speed below 50knots

On ground
Flaps more than 0 AND
TL set to T/O OR
Ground speed more than 50


When will the AC pump 2 will automatic be turned on

Engine 1 running and parking brake release
During engine 1 start and N2 more than 40% with parking brake set within 6 min


What is the pump unloader and the flow limiter valve for

To avoid overloading the RAT during is initial spining


What are accumulators for

Maintain constant pressure
Prevents pump cavitation


Important Items controlled by Hydraulic system 2

Inboard brakes
Nose wheel steering
Landing gear


What is the PTU

Power transfer Unit
Uses HYD 1 power to peovide HYD 2 pressure to assist in lowering the gear when HYD EDP 2fail


Purpose of HYD 3 system

Back up for primary flight control


When will the PTU automatically engage

When HEDP 2 fail
And flaps not set to zero or landing gear not up and locked
Reservour 2 more than 12%


How is the overheat protection system work

100c messgae on ICAS
125C Hydraulic shut off valve will close


What does the system 3 contains that system 1 and 2 does not have

Pump unloader and flow limiter
Restrict flow and power from electrical pump 3A so the RAT will not stall