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2 complications of elevated lipids

Atherosclerosis- biggest problem, associated with CAD
Acute pancreatitis- less common (associated with hypertriglyceridemia)


what is atherosclerosis ?

high BP, smoking or high cholesterol damage the endothelium
-->cholesterol plaque formation begins
-->LDL crosses the damaged endothelium,cholesterol into wall of artery
-->WBC come and digest LDL cholesterol
Plaque builds creates a blockage
when plaques rupture, it causes blood to clot inside the artery
In the brain the result is stroke, in heart it is heart attack


what are the 4 types of lipoproteins?

VLDL- very low density lipoproteins
TG- triglycerides
LDL-low density lipoproteins
HDL-high density lipoproteins