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What device would be used to prevent the spread of smoke during a fire?

Fire Dampers are used to PREVENT the spread of fire AND smoke.

Smoke Dampers are used to RESIST the passage of smoke and air. In a passive control system, smoke dampers close in the presence of smoke to prevent it from circulating through a ventilation opening, transfer or duct, while in an engineered control system, smoke dampers help pressurize the areas around the fire, using floors and walls as barriers.

Dynamic fire dampers close when airflow velocity and pressure increases a certain amount, whereas static fire dampers work with HVAC systems designed to shut down automatically in a fire.


What is the purpose of a resilient channel?

Resilient channels are used to improve the acoustical properties of a wall by isolating the wallboard from rigid attachment to the framing.


What type of system would be best for an open office plan so the heating and cooling for each workstation could be individually controlled?

An all-air system can be subdivided into as many individually controlled areas as needed.

Radiant panels could be used, but it would be awkward to locate them in the ceiling and the cost would be much higher than that of an all-air system.


How is wastewater removed through the sanitary sewer system?


Source: Qpractice NCIDQ Exam Guide, Structural, Mechanical and Plumbing Systems
The plumbing system in a building serves a number of different functions, such as delivering water to people and machines through pressurization (water supply), and ejecting water and wastewater to be removed through gravity (drainage).


In cooler climates, the HVAC system can employ ___________ to capture exhausted heated air and return that energy to augment the building’s heating system.

Energy recovery vents

The HVAC system does more than provide heating for winter and cooling for summer. It brings in fresh air, circulates it through the interiors, and exhausts stale air and odors. It can also treat air to control humidity, dust, pollen, and other undesirable conditions.

In cooler climates, it can employ energy recovery vents (ERV) to capture exhausted heated air and return that energy to augment the building's heating system.


Cars moving in a parking garage and elevators traveling in a shaft are examples of what kind of load?

Dynamic load

When a load is applied suddenly or changes rapidly it is called a dynamic load. Examples of dynamic loads are automobiles moving in a parking garage, elevators traveling in a shaft, or a helicopter landing on the room of a building. An impact load would be created by a large industrial punch press.


A designer selecting glass to meet the requirements for safety glazing in a hazardous location should specify what type of glass?

Tempered and laminated glass

Only tempered and laminated glass are considered to be safety glazing. Wire glass is fire resistant glazing, and tempered glass is heat-strengthened.


What percentage of the industries gypsum wall board is synthetic?

About 28% of the industry's total use of gypsum is synthetic gypsum.

Synthetic gypsum is chemically identical to natural, mined gypsum but is a byproduct of various manufacturing, industrial, or chemical processes. The main source of synthetic gypsum in North America is flue-gas desulfurization.


What is a "trimmer"?

A wood member in a floor or roof used to support a header, used when creating openings.


This is a representation of the shape and direction of the light coming from a luminaire. This distribution of light can be represented either numerically or graphically.


Directional luminaires and lamps are measured according to the direction and intensity of the light emitted from them. The intensity of a light source is measured in candlepower, which can be found in both a lamp and luminaire manufacturer's published catalogs.


How much space must be provided in front of power panels?



What door hardware is required on fire rated doors?

Closers are devices that automatically return a door to its closed position after it is opened. Closers are required on fire-rated doors.


A compact filing system is an example of what type of load?

Live load

Live loads include the loads of people, furniture, snow, and other moving equipment. However dead loads can also include permanent mechanical (moving) equipment also.


What is included in the riser of a stair?

The vertical distance from one nosing to the next

A riser is the vertical part of the stair between each tread.


What device placed in a duct is designed to automatically close when subjected to a certain increase in temperature or with the detection of smoke?

Fire damper


Which form of stainless steel should be specified for ornamental interior applications?

Ornamental tubing

Stainless steel is available in several stock forms, including sheet, plates, strips, bar, pipes and tubing. Tubing is much lower in cost than pipe, and ornamental tubing (which is formed by welding) should be specified for most ornamental interior applications.


Who would be LEAST involved in the section of an underfloor raceway system?

Mechanical consultant


What type of sprinkler head should be used for a decorative, open-grid, wood-slat ceiling suspended from the structural floor above?


Upright sprinklers disperse the water upward so coverage is provided above and below the suspended wood-slat ceiling


When selecting lighting fixtures, which brightness ratio is considered acceptable in a commercial office space between the task and general surroundings?


“Brightness ratios should be limited to 3:1 between task and immediate surrounding (for example, between a piece of paper and the desktop), to 5:1 between the task and nearby general surroundings, and to 10:1 between the task and more remote surroundings.”


What are the units used for the measurement and description of the brightness of a direct glare source?

Candela per square meter