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Your client has indicated that they would like to incorporate a sustainable rooftop garden and water collection system in the redesign of their office building.
What drawing would you need to begin work on this feature?

Site plan

A site plan is a view of a building as seen from directly above, showing the roof of the building, as well as the surrounding yards, walks, driveways, and other features within the property.


What product information resource indexes products by MasterFormat number?

Sweets Directory

Many manufacturers of architectural, engineering, and interior design products also publish all, or a portion of, their product information in the Sweets Directory online.


What type of drawing satisfies the requirements of either design intent, constraints, function or constructability?

Detail drawing


What is one of the most important factors to include in the design of workstations?

1. direct task lighting

2. flexibility

3. adjustability

4. composition of recyclable materials


Because there is no such thing as an average person, things like chair height, angle of a video display terminal and keyboard positions should be adjustable by the person using them.


Which of the following is not a test used to measure the moisture level of a concrete floor?

1. polyethylene sheet test

2. hygrometer test

3. titration test

4. relative humidity test

Titration test

The titration test measures for alkalinity. All others measure for moisture content.


You are working on a project that requires a variety of uniquely shaped decorative columns and molding to be incorporated into the space. Which materials are the best and most economical choice to use for these elements?

Glass-reinforced gypsum

The term glass-reinforced gypsum (GRG) refers to products manufactured from high-strength, high density gypsum reinforced with fibreglass.

GRG products are used for decorative elements, such as columns, covers, arches, coffered ceilings, ornate moldings, light troughs and trim. They are pre-manufactured products made by pouring GRG into molds. They can be finished with any kind of material that can be put on plaster or gypsum wallboard. An unlimited variety of shapes can be manufactured that would otherwise be too expensive or impossible to achieve with site fabricated lath and plaster.


Which type of drawing would be used to represent a three dimensional object in two dimensions?

Orthographic drawings

Orthographic drawings use orthographic projection so that a three-dimensional object is represented in two dimensions. They are ideal for communication in the flat world of paper and computer screens because, through the use of multiple orthographic views, even the most complex object can be accurately and completely described.


Which three dimensional drawing is easily started using the orthographic floor plan?


An oblique drawing is a three-dimensional view of an object where one plane of the object is parallel to the picture plane while the third axis is oblique to the picture plane. The advantage of an oblique drawing is that an existing orthographic floor plan can be used as the starting point without any redrawing.


These drawings come next after the client has approved the preliminary plans and other details of the project:

Final design drawings

After the preliminary plans and other elements of the project are approved by the client, these drawings are further developed into final design drawings. The final drawings include plans, sections, elevations, and other details, such as lighting, color, material, and finish selections. The plans are drawn to scale and illustrate all spaces, including architectural details, such as doors, windows, and built-in millwork and cabinetry.


What might a designer use to help them to best understand the three dimensional aspects of a space?

Study or working model

Study models, or working models, are rough models used by the designer as an aid to understanding of the three dimensional aspects of a space and are constructed in a variety of ways, depending on the needs of the designer and the time and budget available.


A well crafted design concept statement should be all of the following EXCEPT?

1. should be a broad approach that allows for some flexibility in deciding on the details of the design

2. should be 1-4 well developed paragraphs that discuss how the designer will specifically solve the design problem

3. reviewed with the client before more detailed space planning and material selections begin

4. takes into consideration the size, entry point, windows and other fixed elements in the project space

1-4 well developed paragraphs that discuss how the designer will specifically solve the design problem

A design concept is a general or overall idea of how a design problem will be approached. A design concept also takes into account the existing space within which the designer must work its size, shape, entry points, windows, and other fixed elements.

Although design concepts specify particular physical responses, they are still a broad approach that leaves some flexibility in deciding the details of the design. Although a concept statement can be simple or complex depending on the size and complexity of the project, it should be concise and define the essence of the design.

Generally, a good concept statement can be made in one to four sentences. As with programmatic concepts, the concept statement should be reviewed with the client before more detailed space planning and material selection begin.


In which phase of the design process would you likely produce a stacking diagram?

Programmatic phase

The stacking diagram looks at the feasibility of fitting the required number of people and spaces in to a proposed building during programming.


If a consumer was interested in locating water efficient products what label would they look for on products?


WaterSense is a program of the EPA that helps consumers identify water efficient programs and products by the WaterSense Label.

Products are certified by independent, third-party licensed certifying bodies based on the EPA's criteria for water efficiency and performance. These bodies evaluate products according to testing and certification protocols specific to each product category.


At what stage in the design process should views be considered and incorporated into the design process?



Which of the following are conceptual plan arrangements?

1. open, centralized, enveloped, linear

2. open, transitional, centralized, grid

3. open, clustered, linear, grid

4. open, linear, axial, adjacent

Open, clustered, linear, grid

For interior design and architecture, the configuration of the plan is one of the most basic conceptual ideas even though the user typically does not experience its true organization.

A plan takes on particular importance for the interior designer because the existing ceiling or roof plane typically limits the third dimension of height in interior design. Regardless of the enclosing walls, a plan can be viewed conceptually in one of six ways, open, linear, axial, centralized, grid and clustered.


Used for reference along drawings, typically those that are resized to fit a specific space for presentation, for example - a magazine layout. The reproduction of the end result would not be in standard increments.

Graphic scale


Which technique would be a more accurate measuring procedure for documenting large spaces?

Electronic distance measuring

An EDM is a common tool used by many architects and designers. It uses a laser based instrument with an on board computer to take dimensions. EDM measurements are accurate to 1/64” ±


This type of view, drawn in a set of construction documents, is perpendicular to the plane of construction that will be exposed, and may be a vertical or horizontal plane.



The ___________ lock is named for the complete assembly that is installed in a cut-out door recess, thus making it one of the most secure locking units.


The mortise lock is named for the complete assembly that is installed in a door recess (mortise), thus making it one of the most secure locking units. Mortise locks are installed in a door as a deadbolt and a latch bolt, which can both be retracted with a single operation. They provide a much stronger locking operation than the bored lock and are used in high-security areas.


Per code, ground fault interrupters are typically required in what spaces?

1. countertop receptacles within 6' (1.8 m) of the outside edge of a wet bar

2. accessory buildings at or below grade, residential and commercial bathrooms

3. all of these

4. outdoors, crawl spaces and unfinished basements

All of these

GFIs are required in dwelling units in the following locations: bathrooms, garages, accessory buildings at or below grade, outdoors, crawl spaces, unfinished basements, countertop receptacles in kitchens, laundry and utility rooms, within 6ft (1.8 m) of the outside edge of a wet bar and in boathouses. They are also required for receptacles in bathrooms in commercial (non-dwellings) occupancies.


The absorption of material is defined by the ratio of the sound intensity absorbed by the material to the total intensity reaching the material.

This is called the:

Coefficient of Absorption

Sound absorption is used to control unwanted sound reflections (noise), improve speech privacy, and decrease or increase reverberation.

Materials with a coefficient below 0.2 are reflective.
Materials with a coefficient above 0.2 are sound absorbing.


Which is the best lighting system to use in a graphic designer’s office if the designer’s goal is to provide a flexible and cost effective lighting system that creates a pleasant working environment?

task/ambient system

A task-ambient system is a common commercial lighting system. This kind of system provides a general background illumination level with separate light fixtures used at individual workstations or wherever light is needed.
This is done with desk lamps or directed spotlights, or by locating more fixtures near the tasks requiring more illumination.

They are energy efficient and respond to individual lighting needs, and task-ambient systems create more pleasant work environments.


What device placed in a duct is designed to automatically close when subjected to a certain increase in temperature or with the detection of smoke?

Fire damper

Fire damper: A device placed in a duct that is designed to automatically close when subjected to a certain increase in temperature or with the detection of smoke.


You are planning a wood paneling, ceiling coffers, and wainscoting design for a restaurant. What percentage of wall and ceiling area cannot be exceeded?


Decorative moldings, trim, chair rail or wainscoting must have a minimum flame-spread rating of Class C and cannot exceed 10% of the wall or ceiling area where attached. This excludes laminates and veneers less that .036 inch thick or handrails and guard railings.


Which of the following is not a typical component of a 1-hour fire rated partition?

1. Extends slab to slab

2. ½” Gypsum Board

3. Fire damper

4. 2-1/2” Metal Studs

1/2" Gyp Board

5/8” Type X Gypsum Board would meet the requirements for a 1-hour fire rated partition, not ½” Gypsum Board.


A third party consultant will provide equipment for a security system and an electrical engineer will design for adequate power supply to security and control systems.

Which of the following should you as the interior designer provide:

1. Adequate space and support for video cameras, monitors, access devices, and control equipment

2. Coordination of speakers required for communication near doors with the RCP and partition details

3. All of these

4. None of these

All of these

“Although the security consultant, equipment vendor, electrical engineering consultant and contractor are responsible for designing and installing security systems and providing the power these systems need to operate, the interior designer is often the person who must coordinate the efforts of these team members so that their work fits within the overall interior design and construction of the project.

In most cases, this involves making sure necessary information is transmitted between the members of the team and that all required data and details are shown on the final set of drawings. It also requires that the interior design and detail portion of the construction to accommodate the security equipment.”


Which type of specifications used by most design firms, are pre written specifications that cover nearly all types of products, methods of installation, and other variables that relate to a specific product or construction activity?

Guide specifications and master specifications

Because it is difficult to write a complete, accurate, up-to-date specification of any type and most projects require many specifications, the majority of offices use Master specifications.

Master specifications or guide specifications are pre written specifications that cover nearly all types of products, method of installation, and other variables that relate to a specific product or construction activity.


In regards to FF&E research, which of the following is untrue about journals and newsletters?

1. are unbiased sources

2. feature the latest products from both major and lesser-known manufacturers

3. a good starting point for current awareness

4. allow direct comparisons of products

Are unbiased sources

Journals and newsletters offer a good way to access current design and technical information for a wide variety of topics including furniture and finishes. In most cases, the latest information on furniture takes the form of advertisements.

Although these are biased, they are a good way to see the latest introductions by major and lesser-known manufacturers. Journals can be a good starting point for current awareness, as they give basic information about a piece of furniture as well as its manufacturer, featured items, and a photograph. Editorial articles often feature a particular type of furniture or finish, allowing direct comparisons to be made and a list of manufacturers to be drawn up for further research.


Typically what are the first items of FF&E that an interior designer should research?

Furniture or accessory items

The first research need an interior designer typically must satisfy is the initial selection of furniture or accessory items.

Even if a designer has a specific item from a particular manufacturer in mind, it may be outside the budget limitations or its lead time may not work for the project.

Furniture includes both casegoods and upholstery, while casegoods excludes upholstery which can take longer because of COM.


Tekton is a trade name for what?



What performance tests should be specified for a custom-blended fabric to be used in a recreation center reception area?

Wyzenbeek and fading


When preparing for a presentation what is the MOST important?

Know the purpose of the presentation

You must know the purpose of the presentation to use the most appropriate content, organization and tone ultimately enabling you to achieve your purpose.


All of the following are needed to create a perspective drawing EXCEPT?

1. station point

2. axis

3. horizon line

4. vanishing point



Which type of drawing has 2 of their 3 principal axes foreshortened?


In an isometric drawing, the lines of projection make equal angles with the picture plane.

With a diametric drawing, one of the other two types of axonometric drawings, two of the principal axes are equally foreshortened. With a trimetric drawing, all three of the principal axes are foreshortened.


Which type of drawing shows no distortion for lines and planes parallel to the plane onto which the view is shown, but foreshortens diagonal lines or planes?


Orthographic drawings use projection so that a three-dimensional object may be represented in two dimensions. They are ideal for communication in the flat world of paper and computer screens because through the use of multiple orthographic views, even the most complex object can be accurately and completely described.

In orthographic projection, all pieces are shown in their true relationships with other pieces and the scale and proportion are the same for multiple views of the same object. There is no distortion for lines and planes parallel to the plane onto which the view is projected. However, when a diagonal line or plane is shown, it is foreshortened.


Which scheduling tool graphically depicts:

all tasks required to complete a project
the sequence in which they must occur
their duration
the earliest or latest possible starting time
the earliest or latest possible completion

Critical Path Method chart (CPM)

A CPM (critical path method) chart graphically depicts all tasks required to complete a project, the sequence in which they must occur, their duration, the earliest or latest possible starting time, and the earliest or latest possible completion. It also defines the sequence of critical tasks that must be started and finished exactly on time if the total schedule is to be met.

Here is a sample of a critical path for an interior design project:
The designer obtains the client’s needs, prepares floor plans, obtains the client’s approval, orders products, and installs and/or delivers products. It is clear that it is impossible, as well as unwise, to try to do any one of these tasks before completing the one directly preceding it.

As the interrelationships are entered into the computer, along with due dates and the duration of each task, the computer automatically makes the calculations and makes the adjustments for changes in the schedule. Then new charts are produced, which can be given in different for mats to the interior design team members, the client, and other stakeholders.


If a designer wanted to emphasize a significant feature at both ends of a space, which plan arrangement would best achieve this goal?


An axial concept aligns space on a significant feature or features. The significant feature may be the entry to the space, a view or an important architectural element. A formal grouping of spaces can create an axis where otherwise one may not naturally exist or be suggested by existing conditions.

The space creating the axis is important and is significant, either symbolically or functionally, and the direction of the axis focuses attention not on the space, but usually on something at one or both ends of the axis.


Which type of scale is graduated in proportions such as 1:10, 1:50 etc…?

Metric scale


The typical size of an office’s projects, the filing system used by the office, the capabilities of the reproduction and plotting equipment, and client requirements all determine:

Size of a drawing sheet used for the interior design

The size of a drawing sheet used for interior design projects depends on several factors. Typically, an office will use one or two standard sized for all projects it does. Sheet size depends on the typical size of an office's projects, the filing system used, the capabilities of the reproduction and plotting equipment and client requirements. Sheet size is most typically determined by the size needed to draw a floor plan on one sheet without dividing the plan into sections.


A rational approach to design that emphasizes human-environment interaction would most likely be based on what type of research?

Environmental design research


Which of the following types of drawings might be used to illustrate a detail?

1. detail drawing, section, perspective

2. section, isometric view, large-scale plan view

3. large scale partial elevation, section, perspective

4. detail drawing, large scale plan view, perspective

Section, isometric view, large-scale plan view


You have been hired to design the new office space for your client, whose lease indicates there is 8,000 square feet of rentable space available to use to develop the office.

What does the area consist of?

The interior floor area excluding vertical penetrations through the floor

The rentable area is the product of the occupant area multiplied by a load factor to account for the shared portions of the building.

The interior designer must clarify the method used by the building owner to calculate the rentable area, which may be according to the BOMA/IFMA standards, or a load factor based on market conditions for leased space in the local area.


Specialized items such as artwork, plants, graphics, and special free-standing or constructed items are called accessories are considered as part of which program?


Furnishings are items that add the finishing touches to the spaces. Furnishings can be utilitarian or decorative, and serve to enhance the architectural features of the space as well as meet the user needs and aspirations.

Generally, furnishings include accessories, artwork, plants, graphics, and special free-standing or constructed items. Sometimes window coverings are categorized under Furnishings or in the Finishes.


The complexity of the human environment interface makes it difficult to base a design theory only on what basis for design?

Environmental design research

Because environmental design research typically only focuses on one variable at a time, it is often difficult to draw valid conclusions that may apply to any or every design situation.


Planning an interior in a building with an atrium would suggest which of the following organizational concepts?


An atrium could be incorporated into any of the concepts listed, but it is most often used in a central scheme where most of the functions focus on the atrium and its activities.


How much space must be provided in front of power panels?



Which HVAC component requires flexible ducting that is connect to main ductwork?

Supply air registers

Supply air registers are often connected to the main ductwork with flexible ducting. This allows some adjustability in the exact location of an air register if its location conflicts with some other ceiling mounted item. The mechanical engineer should be consulted to determine how much the registers can be moved. On the Practicum - refer to your program instructions.


Which of the following sequences lists the programming tasks in the order they should be executed?

1. Goal setting, user surveys and organizational profiles, bubble diagrams and matrices, user needs analysis

2. User surveys and organizational profiles, furniture inventory, goal setting, bubble diagrams and matrices

3. Goal setting, user surveys and organizational profiles, user needs analysis, bubble diagrams and matrices

4. Bubble diagrams and matrices, user surveys and organizational profiles, user needs analysis, furniture inventory

Goal setting, user surveys and organizational profiles, user needs analysis, bubble diagrams and matrices

The correct answer is C. The goals for a project are always the first priority, then the structure of the organization must be evaluated, followed by the functional needs of the users, then finally the application of the information that has been acquired.


What is an appropriate circulation factor for an open office plan using systems furniture?


In the initial programming phase of a project, a circulation factor must be included in the square footage analysis to determine the total amount of square footage needed to meet the program requirements. The floorplate of the actual building will determine if the circulation will be on the high or low end of this range.


In a wall with an unsupported height of 12'-0" [3.7 m], what is the maximum spacing between 2" x 4" wall studs?



A client would like to install a window in a 60-minute rated door in a corridor. Which of the following would be acceptable?

1. 10" x 10" [250 mm x 250 mm] wired glass

2. 6" x 12" [150 mm x 300 mm] wired glass

3. 10" x 10" [250 mm x 250 mm] tempered glass

4. 6" x 12" [150 mm x 300 mm] tempered glass

10" x 10" wired glass

The International Building Code limits the maximum area, maximum height, and maximum width of wired glass panels to ensure the safety of building occupants from various aspects of a fire. Area, height, and width limitations are influenced by the fire protection rating of the door in which the glass is installed.


Which of the following is a characteristic of a halogen lamp?

1. Easy to install and maintain

2. Cannot be dimmed

3. Requires a transformer at the switch

4. Brighter than other incandescent sources

Brighter than other incandescent sources

Halogen lamps are brighter and more efficient than standard incandescent lamps. They are not as easy to install, because fingerprints will cause glass to shatter when the lamp heats up during operation. They can be dimmed and are not "low voltage" (requiring a transformer).


The bid (tender) process called "open competitive selection" allows which potential bidders to respond?

Anyone who meets the qualifications

Open competitive selection is often used by government and public agencies who will advertise a bid in a newspaper or online. Meanwhile, in a closed competitive selection process, a list of potential bidders is prepared in advance and only they receive an invitation to bid.


What is the maximum rise of a flight of stairs between floors if an intermediate platform or landing is not included in the stair design?


Landings are required at the bottom and top of a flight of stairs, and a flight of stairs cannot have a rise greater than 12 feet between floor levels or landings.


What does the horizontal line in a two-point perspective suggest?

A line representing eye-level height

The horizontal line in a two-point perspective represents the horizon line or the height of eye-level. The two points used to form a two-point perspective drawing are the vanishing points and they are at opposite ends of the horizon line.


When presenting the preliminary design and design concept of an office space to a client, what information should be included?

1. Preliminary floor plan, orthographic drawings, and rendered perspectives

2. Bubble diagrams, preliminary floor plan, and conceptual sketches

3. Dimensioned floor plan, orthographic drawings, and sample boards

4. Bubble diagrams, conceptual sketches, and sample boards

Bubble diagrams, preliminary floor plan, conceptual sketches

Preliminary and conceptual design should never appear to be “nailed down.” Rendered perspectives will give the impression that the decisions are already made. Formal sample boards should only be presented after the client has had the opportunity to remark on preliminary choices. Dimensioned floor plans are a part of Construction Documents.