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Types of Implicit Shaing?

Parent Implicit sharing -

Parent implicit sharing is providing access to parent records (account only) when a user has access to children opportunities, cases, or contacts for that account. Salesforce has a data access policy that states if a user can see a contact (or opportunity, case, or order), then the user implicitly sees the associated account.

Child Implicit sharing -

Child implicit sharing is providing access to an account’s child records to the account owner. This access is defined at the owner’s role in the role hierarchy. Child implicit sharing only applies to contact, opportunity, and case objects (children of the account). The access levels that can be provided are View, Edit, and No access for each of the children objects when the role is created. By setting to View, the account owner can implicitly see the associated object records (contact, opportunity, or case). By setting to Edit, the account owner can implicitly modify the associated object (contact, opportunity or case).


Does Implicit sharing apply to custom objects?