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Which objects are excluded from Sharing set?

  1. Objects that do not have a lookup to Account and Contact.
  2. Objects with OWD as Public Read Write.


Is Share Group available to all types of community users? 

No, only available for CC users.

The option is not available for CPP and Partner


Can Sharing Sets be used for Partner Community and Customer Community Plus users?

  • Yes, it can be used. However, Share Group is only available for CC users.


  • Record access granted to users via sharing sets isn’t extended to their superiors in the role hierarchy. Link




Sharing Sets Considerations?

  • Available to all community licenses
  • Not visible by OWD, Role hierarchies, or sharing rules.
  • One sharing set per object, per profile.
  • Data shared through sharing set is not visible in reports and dashboards.



Share Group Considerations?

  • Share Group is associated with Sharing Set.
  • One Share Group per sharing set.
  • Grants full access to records associated with users in the sharing set i.e. users whose profiles are included in the sharing sets.