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Give 3 reasons why workers were unhappy during the early 19th century?

Poor housing, unemployment, different way of life/ work.


What is the name of people who smashed machinery in the mills and what was the origin of it?

The Luddites, originates from Ned Ludd, an apprentice smashed 2 stocking frames 1779, was fictional, term to scare government.


Where did the luddite protest start and why?

Began in Arnold Nottingham, spread through country after idea developed. Main attack: Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire and Lancashire. why: industrial places where textile workers lost jobs to new machinery, angry.


Dates of the luddites protest?

Start: March 1811, then one on November 1811, early 1812 and ends: 1817.


How did Government respond to the Luddite protest?

Sent military into areas affected by disturbances caused by luddites (14000 troops up north), employed spies or individuals to join the luddites to give authorities evidence to prosecute members, made machine breaking illegal by death (executed 17 luddites in 1813).


When did the march of the Blanketeers take place?

March 1817.


Where were the Blanketeers headed and why?

London to protest about the corn laws which increased bread prices affecting working class.


How did the government respond to the Blanketeers?

Arrested Samuel Drummand and John Baggaley and 200 more apprehended in Stockport. 1 man called either Johnathon Cowgill or Abel Couldwak reached London and handed over his petition.


What does suspension of Habeas Corpus mean and when did it happen?

in Latin "you may have the body", the right for people who are detained by the authorities to be brought before a court of law. Happened on 24th February 1817.


What was the Name of the Government spy who acted as agent provocateur during the pent ridge rising?

William J. Oliver


When did the Pentridge rising take place?

9th-10th June 1817


Who led the Pentridge rising and what happened to him?

Jeremiah Brandreth, he was hung later.


Who was Captain Swing and what did he want?

Code name for the leader of the swing riots, demanded higher wages and the removal of the thrashing machine.


Where was Captain Swing Operating?

Sussex (check!!!)


What was the size of the population in 1815 in Britain and by how much had it grown since 1750?

1815: 10.25 million, grown by 3.75 million since 1750.


Name 2 new industrial cities in the early 19th century?

Manchester and Birmingham.


How did the government protect wheat prices and in what year?

They introduced corn laws which prohibited foreign wheat imports until British wheat had reached 30 shillings a quarter. This was in 1846.


Where and when id the Peterloo massacre take place?

In Manchester, 1819.


What was the name of the radical who was addressing the crowd at Peterloo?

Henry Hunt.


Name 2 ways the government responded to the Peterloo massacre in the 6 acts.

They limited public meetings and they trained people to use firearms.