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the skin is composed of...

sweat and oil glands, nails, hair, and three layers of cells that makeup the covering of the body.


the skin is used to...

maintain homeostasis, provide protective covering, slow down water loss from deeper tissues, house sensory receptors, remove bodily wastes



(outer layer) thin cellular membrane layer composed of epithelium, no blood vessels, no lymphatic blood vessels, no connective tissue, no cartilage, no fat, cells die at the same rate they are born



(inner layer) dense, fibrous connective tissue, thicker than the epidermis, contains hair follicles, sweat glands, and oil glands. Composed of blood, lymph vessels, and nerve fibers. Fibers in the dermis are composed of collagen, hair shafts are located here.


hypodermis/subcutaneous layer

(beneath dermis) fat-containng tissue that joins the skin to the underlying muscle. NOT a true layer of skin. Loose connective and adipose (fatty) tissue that binds skin to organs, fat tissue insulates the inner structures for extreme temperatures.