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List the association fibers and what they connect.

1. short association fibers: U shaped bundles of axons that connect adjacent gyro, in depth of sulci
2. long association fibers: connect frontal, parietal, temporary, and occipital lobes on same side of cortex
3. arcuate fasciculus: connect broca's and wernicke's areas
4. cingulum: major association tract of limbic system, connects frontal cortex+thalamus to temporal lobe


List the commissures that connect two sides of cerebral cortex

1. corpus callosum: connet frontal (genu), parietal (trunk), and occipital lobes (splenium) and posteror temporal lobes
2. anterior commissure-interconnects anterior temporal lobes


What are projection fibers?

form afferent and efferent connections of cortex and run bidirectionally between cortex and subcortical structures
-internal capsul: brings together myelinated fibers from different lobes of the brain

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