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What is the epidemiology of stroke?

-800,000/year of new or recurrent strokes
-5 mil TIA patients/year
-leading cause of long term disability and 4th leading cause of death
-1/15 deaths due to stroke


What are the warning signs of stroke?

Sudden weakness or numbness
Sudden change in vision
Sudden difficulty speaking or understanding
Sudden dizziness or loss of balance
Sudden headache


What are the types of stroke?

1. Ischemic (80%)
-mainly atherothrombotic
2. Hemorrhagic (20%)


Diagnosing a stroke.

-lab studies: CBC, aPTT, PT, TT times
-Chest X ray
-CT scan


Treating a stroke

-Time is the most important
-can give tPA within 3 hours of onset in ischemic stroke


What are the risk factors for stroke?

1. hypertension
2. cholesterol
3. cigarettes
4. A fib
5. heavy alcohol use

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