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Paris 1919

Innocent passage of civilian passengers
Registration of aircraft


Warsaw 1929

Air carriers liabilities towards passengers and cargo. This is applied to international carriage.

The need for travel documents

Later modified by Hague 1955 and Montreal 1999


Rome 1933/1952

Dealt with the liabilities of air operators to third parties due to damage by their aircraft.

The concept of absolute Liability

Later modified by Montreal protocol 1978


Chicago Convention 1944

Foundation of modern principles and values of the air.

Formation of ICAO with 54 members states (192 now)

2 parts: DOC 7300 and the ICAO.


Tokyo Convention 1963

Dealt with criminal offences committed onboard aircraft.

The state of registration has authority to exercise jurisdiction


Hague convention 1970

Unlawful seizure of an aircraft (hijacking)

Commander responsibilities. Authority to deal with offences and maintain good order onboard


Montreal convention 1971

Expanded upon Hague 1970 by extending unlawful seizure to ground services and navigation equipment


Montreal convention 1999

Improvement on the principles of Warsaw 1929.
Modernisation and improvement of standardisation and liabilities.


Third Liberalisation Agreement 1993

Free access to job opportunities
Free access to air traffic market
Free pricing