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What are the generic contents of the intervertebral foramen?

- neural tissue
- connective tissue
- vascular tissue
- lymphatic tissue


What is the percent of neural tissue in the intervertebral foramen?



What parts of the PNS may lie in the intervertebral foramen?

- ventral nerve root
- dorsal nerve root ganglion
- mixed spinal nerve
- ventral primary ramus
- dorsal primary ramus
- recurrent meningeal (sinuvertebral) nerve


What are the segmental arteries in general? What are they for each region of the spine?

- the arteries whose branches supply the vertebra or segment
- cervical: vertebral artery, ascending cervical artery, deep cervical artery
- thoracic: deep cervical artery, highest (superior) intercostal artery, posterior intercostal artery, subcostal artery
- lumbar: lumbar arteries, iliolumbar artery, lateral sacral artery, median sacral artery
- L5: iliolumbar artery, lateral and median sacral arteries
- sacrum: lateral and median sacral arteries


What branches of the spinal artery may occupy the intervertebral foramen?

- osseous arteries
- anterior spinal canal a.
- posterior spinal canal a.
- anterior medullary feeder a.
- posterior medullary feeder a.


What are medullary feeder arteries?

enlarged radicular arteries which join the arterial vasa corona to provide blood for the spinal cord


What is the name of the largest medullary feeder artery?

the artery of Adamkiewicz or arteria radicalis magna anterior


What are the characteristics of the artery of Adamkiewicz?

- left side
- it is an anterior medullary feeder artery
- typically in the T9/T10 intervertebral foramen
- supplies the lumbar enlargement


What is the most likely region of the thoracic spine for herniation?

below T8


What veins drain the venous vasa corona toward the intervertebral foramen?

anterior and posterior medullary veins


What veins drain the nerve roots toward the intervertebral foramen?

anterior and posterior radicular veins


What lig. lies next to the anterior internal vertebral venous plexus?

the posterior longitudinal lig.


What lig. lies next to the posterior internal vertebral venous plexus?

ligamentum flavum


What is the name given to the veins of the intervertebral foramen?

intervertebral veins


What will the intervertebral veins drain into?

external vertebral venous plexus or Batson's plexus


Which venous vessels of the vertebra will drain into the segmental veins?

external vertebral venous plexus or Batson's plexus


What is a unique histological feature of the veins of the vertebral column?

they appear to lack valves


What size lymphatic vessels lie in the intervertebral foramen?



What types of connective tissue will be present in the intervertebral foramen?

- adipose tissue
- loose areolar connective tissue