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What do you do when a project runs out of time?

[Basecamp] Fixed Time, Variable Scope

Reduce the scope to fix remaining work into the current sprint deliverables. Quality beats availability


What do you think can be improved on your current process

Current process is to fit time into scope (Estimate).
Preferred process is to fit scope into time (Appetite)

Learn how to say no, so estimate == appetite.


"good "is good enough (know your constraints)

I.e. Don't Let the Perfect Be the Enemy of the Good


How to say No to an interesting/raw idea

Don't commit undefined user stories...leave a open topic, form an exploring committee from people interested, do a POC in next lab week project


Avoid a big appetite for Anything 2.0 (Redesign/Refactor)

Pay technical debt one iteration at a time, with clear scope and definition of the problem at each iteration.
(E.g. refactor class ABC at this sprint)