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confidence-backpack carry your confidence-backpack around inside there is your confidence (skills)



a visual presentation of a grand idea


[Story-telling] by a slide deck with pecha kucha format

1. keep your audience in mind
1. work hard on the opening (draw people in early)
2.capture attention with a story-telling
2. story-telling can
* capture attention, inspire action
* motivate, persuade
2. Don't assume your audience know anything
3. creative constraint
* pecha kucha format -- > 20 slides that last 20-seconds each (6 min)


Visuals are more deeply embedded in our brains than words

Show, don't tell

a picture is better than 1000 words
find best images (stock images, the


story telling one frame vs multi-frame

single frame is for goal-setting (first frame)


Multi-frame, each frame move story further (like animation)


What I do right: Knowledge sharing/Training, documented knowledge

It is team responsibility to update the document (leave the campground cleaner than you found it)


The boy scouts rule: leave the campground cleaner than you found it

update the documentation
fix possible bug/improvement
update a test case etc


"Take quantifiable and actionable steps to drive equity and fairness" in hiring process

After you hire someone, what opportunities for growth have you provided, and is the distribution of opportunities equitable? Every technology lead or software engineering manager has the
means to augment equity on their teams

From google engineering book...
that is what I practiced, communicating with vendors and making sure the resumes from UMR are received and candidate pool is balanced.

Is vendors identifying

work with aspiring them thrive...

are URM passed over daily for opportunities and advancement? Assignment of challenging work? kudos? visibility given equally among the engineers who are aspiring?

How to increase the team's multiculture capacity? Learn the major's holidays of the team members?


serve the team, not "manage"

servant leadership

The only managing that a servant leader does is to manage both the technical and social health of the team


Managers's responsibilities include communicating strategy, helping employees prioritize projects, facilitating collaboration, supporting career development, and ensuring that processes and systems aligned with company goals.

Google by design has lower manager-report ratio to avoid "macro-managing"


It screens candidates’ résumés for markers that indicate potential to excel there—especially general cognitive ability. People who make that first cut are then carefully assessed for initiative, flexibility, collaborative spirit, evidence of being well-rounded, and other factors that make a candidate “Googley.”


[HONG] VIC Vacation Interruption Counter

Require all communication to an OOF engineer must get permission from me first I will keep track
How many times an engineer is interrupted (by slack/email/phone) while on vacation - should be 0
if interruption is unavoidable what is the cause --
- documentation
- knowledge gap
- unprepared