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Poor, unflattering image of his wife Frieda. She is trying to emotionally manipulate him

Don't you care for my love? she said bitterly.


Satirical. He is saying he should ask herself these questions before asking him. Exasperation or hint at humour delivered with punctuation

Please address these questions to the proper person!


He is saying that if she wishes to change something then she must ask herself because he has nothing to do with it

Please make all requests to head-quarters!


She holds the power and authority in the relationship when it comes to emotional matters

In all matters of emotional importance
please approach the supreme authority direct!


He gives her the mirror to distract her. Again, an unflattering image that makes her seem self absorbed and needy. Use of humour with imagery

I handed her the mirror.
And she would have broke it over my head,
but she caught sight of her own reflection


Reiterating the fact that she is self-centred and absorbed in her own appearance

held her spellbound for two seconds


Moment of tension interrupted by his humour once again. Making fun of typical love poems. Lighthearted but there is the undercurrent of a troubled relationship

while I fled