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Shows respect for the mosquito by addressing it directly but formally. It can carry diseases such as malaria so deserves to be treated as a worthy opponent

When did you start your tricks,


He is wondering why the mosquito thinks it is above everyone else. He ponders its arrogance

What do you stand on such high legs for?


Compares the mosquito to something supernatural. He believes it is so atrocious that it cannot possibly be from this world. 5 examples

you phantom
streaky sorcerer
Ghoul on wings
You pointed fiend
Winged Victory


It is cocky, as if it knows it will win and get what it wants. Gives it human qualities of arrogance. As if it is looking back on him as something below him

You turn your head towards your tail, and smile.


Lawrence cannot understand how something so small can be so similar to the devil himself. He doesn't understand how it is so small that it is almost see through, and yet can cause so much harm

How can you put so much devilry
Into that translucent phantom shred
Of a frail corpus?


Lawrence cannot comprehend how the mosquito can fly with such grace and ease yet melt into the background not to be noticed by a soul

How do you sail like a heron, or a dull clot of air,
A nothingness.


The mosquito seems to emanate power and yet nobody notices until it is too late

Your evil little aura, prowling, and casting numbness on my mind.


It seems to have supernatural capabilities because it cannot be seen or noticed until too late.

your filthy bit of magic:
Invisibility, and the anaesthetic power
To deaden my attention in your direction.


Powerful verbs used to describe the mosquito's movements as it hones in on a target

you stalk and prowl the air
In circles and evasions


Alliteration. It seems to have a plan of malicious intent and Lawrence is the target. Giving it human credentials. Small yet powerful.

Eyeing me sideways, and cunningly conscious that I am aware,
You speck.


Lawrence hates the mosquito with every part of his being. To him it is completely unnatural

I hate the way you lurch off sideways into the air


They are battling each other. Trying to lure the other into a false sense of security and see who wins. Man vs nature.

let us play at unawares,
And see who wins in this sly game of bluff.
Man or mosquito.


It is the buzzing sound of the mosquito that he hates the most. His hatred runs through him with such intensity when he hears it. Use of 3

shakes my sudden blood to hatred of you:
It is your small, high, hateful bugle in my ear


Lawrence calls upon the protection of god to keep him safe from this devilish insect.

I believe a little in Providence protecting the innocence


The mosquito wins the battle and comes out on top.

A yell of triumph as you snatch my scalp.


The mosquito seems totally entranced and drunk on the blood while Lawrence seems disgusted by the mosquito. They both seem shocked by the blood

Blood, red blood
Forbidden liquor


Lawrence seems utterly disgusted at the fact that the mosquito sucked his blood and sickened by the fact that it enjoyed it

Obscenely ecstasied
Sucking live blood,
My blood.


Lawrence feels as if he has been violated. Grotesque imagery

Such gorging,
Such obscenity of trespass.


The mosquito seems drunk on the blood. It is affecting its movements

You stagger


Aggressive depiction of the mosquito. It is now filled with Lawrence's blood

You winged blood-drop.


Lawrence is quite smug because he knows he can win. The mosquito is now weak because of the blood. Sarcastic questioning

Can I not overtake you?


Masculine pride. Cocky and arrogant like the mosquito once was.

Am I not mosquito enough to out-mosquito you?


Lawrence crushes the mosquito and is now also mesmerised by his own blood coming out of the mosquito and the mess the mosquito has made. As if he has become the mosquito. Sibilance

Queer, what a big stain my sucked blood makes
Beside the infinitesimal faint smear of you!


Lawrence is mesmerised by how the mosquito now ceases to exist. He is victorious, but has he become one with the mosquito? He is now drunk on victory. Alliteration

Queer, what a dim dark smudge you have disappeared into!