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Name the 3 Domains of Life

1. Bacteria 2. Archaea 3. Eukarya


Name a few similarities between Prokaryotes & Eukaryotes

Proks: No membrane bound organelles. -Cytoplasmic DNA - NO cytoskeleton - Replicate through Binary fission EUks: Membrane bound organelles - Nuclear DNA - Mitosis


What are the stages of the cell cycle and When does DNA Replication take place?

G1, S1, G2 & Mitosis DNA Replication occurs in the S Phase


Name the stages of Mitosis

PMAT: Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase & Telophase


What is the difference between Mitosis and Meiosis

Mitosis produces Diploid cells where as Meiosis produces 4 halploid cells


Label each organelle and describe its function

Q image thumb

Look at pic

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Clathrinn Mediated Endocytosis can only occur in which typ of membrane domain?

In non-lipid raft membrane domains

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Name the 2 transport molecular motors within the cell and determine which direction they travel

Kinesis - Anterograde (inside to outside)

Dynein: Retrograde (from outside towards center)


What is the Primary function of the Mitochondria?

Produce ATP


Where in the Mitochondria is ATP Synthesized? 

ATP Synthesis occurs on the inner membrane of the Mitochondria


In what direction does RNA plymerase read the DNA Template strand? 

Read 3' to 5' but Transcribed 5' to 3'


How are nascent proteins sorted to compartments or secreted?

Through the golgi network: Packages and sorts which proteins go where in the cell

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What are Microfilaments, Microtubles & Intermediate filaments made out of?

Microfilaments: Actin

Microtubules: Tubiln

Microfilaments: Various components

All 3 form the structural backbone of the cell and each have their own function.