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Give the defintion of Partial Pressure

The pressure of an INDIVIDUAL gas in a fiven volume at a constant pressure


What is the difference between alveolar air and atmospheric air?

Alveolar air contains CO2 and H20, they make up a small portion but they end up diluting the O2 and N2 from the atmospheric air


How can the distance of diffusion pathologically increased?

By damage to the alveoli, pulmonary diseases will cause this. Making it harder for O2 to diffuse into the blood.


Define Tidal Volume

Normal volume of air dispalced between inhalation and exhalation.


What is Functional residual capacity

part of tidal volume, allows for there to not be any sudden changes or irregularites keeping the blood gas levels constant.


What are the 2 factors that control the amount of o2 in the alveoli

1. Ventilartion
2. Rate of absorption from blood.


What happens when there is a high metabolic demand to o2 and co2

o2 - decreases amount in blood

co2 - increases amount in blood.


What is the Ventilation/Perfusion Ratio?

The relationship between alveolar ventilation &a alveolar perfusion.

(doesnt matter how much air you can get into your lungs if the o2 cant perfuse into bloodstream)



VA = Ventilation
Q = Blood flow


What is Shunted blood and what is the Physiologic Shunt

Shunted Blood is the non-perfused blood

Physiologic shunt is the amount of shunted blood that passes throught the circulatorysystem/minute


What 2 factors effect the transport of blood gases?

1. Rate of diffusion
2. movement of blood


What is the partial pressure of O2 when leaving alveoli?/Returning?

104mm Hg
40 mm Hg


What makes it so O2 can be soluble in blood

RBC's have Hemaglobin hich have an affinity for O2.

However the affinity varies depending on concenctration of O2 in blood


Describe the Hemoglobin O2 affinity

High PP O2 favor Hb binding

Low = favor O2 disassociation


Define Cooperative Binding

The more O2 HB has the easier it is for another O2 molecule to bind.


How many binding sites does Hb have?

4 - each site has 2 O2 molecules resulting in a total of 8 O2 molecules if full.


How much more soluble is Co2 than O2

20x more than O2


Haldane effect vs Bohr effect

Haldane = states deoxygenated blood has an increased ability to carry carbon dioxide

Bohr = relates to how pH and CO2 affect the capacity to carry O2
(low pH = less O2 affinity)