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What are some of the different factors of a paediatric history ?

Who gives you the history? and how much is directly from the child 

Non-specific complaints

Specific to Paediatric history:

  • Birth/perinatal
  • Development
  • Immunisations

Social history slightly different 


How can who is giving the history be different in a paediatric history ?

  • Some of the history's you need to take in paeds can be in very young children who may not be able to speak so often histroy is taken from a 3rd party (e.g. a parent)
  • Try to direct the histroy at the kid (kids as young as 3 can often contribute) where possible 




What are some of the non-specific complaints often in paeds history's ?

  • Fever
  • Vomiting
  • SOB
  • Poor feeding
  • Just not right
  • ‘Nae awfy weel’ vs ‘Awfy nae weel’ - not feeling that great vs really ill


What are the 3 main specific points to remember to ask in a paeds histroy ?


  • Gestation, mode of delivery, birth weight
  • Immediate problems in neonatal period -? NICU


  • Check reaching milestones – consider different spheres of devt. Including hearing and vision
  • Any concerns re progress


  • Check that completing schedule to plan


What are some of the questions you should cover in the social histroy of a paeds history ?

  • Living arrangements
  • Type of housing - damp etc?
  • Parents –names/age/employment
  • Smokers in household
  • School/nursery/childcare arrangements
  • Pets


Appreciate the overview for the approach to a paeds history 

  • Presenting complaint
  • History of presenting complaint
  • Previous medical history
  • Birth/perinatal
  • Development
  • Family history
  • Social history
  • Drug history/allergies
  • Immunisations
  • Systemic enquiry


When faced with a paeds histroy which is e.g. cardiac in origin what should you not forget to do ?

You should not forget to ask the relevant questions to that system be it the usual cardio questions, resp ones etc 


Appreciate the questions for systemic enquiry 

•CVS – infant feeding / sweating / cyanosis / pallor / SOB 

•RS – runny nose / cough / wheeze / SOB / activity limitation / snoring

•GI – appetite / diet / vomiting / pain / abdominal distension / bowel habit / stools / toilet training

•CNS – headaches / fits / hearing / vision / weakness / rash

•Urinary – pain / colour / frequency / training

•MSK - limp / limb pain / joint swelling /  pain