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social stability

Sociological perspective that Pushes the sociologist to look at the social or group level. sociological perspective considers social behavior of people, relationship and role of various social organizations, communities, social institutions, and interaction of all those things.


functionalist perspective

Functionalist perspective sees society as a living organism in which each part of the organism contributes to its survival.


interactionist perspective

Interactionist perspective generalizes about everyday forms of social interaction in order to understand society as a whole


conflictivist perspective

Conflictivist perspective sees the world in a continual struggle. emphasizes conflict, competition, change, and constraint within a society


George Herbert Mead

George Herbert Mead is the founder of the interactionist perspective, focused on human interactions within 1 to 1 situations and small groups


Jane Addams

Jane Addams is known as the mother of “ social work”. She was a public philosopher, sociologist, protester, author, and leader and women's suffrage and World Peace


Max Weber

Max Weber used cross-cultural and historical materials in order to determine how extensively social groups affect people's orientations to life


Herbert Blumer

Herbert blumer coined the term of symbolic interactionism and outlined three assumptions Central to the perspective including how we learn the meaning of a symbol by how people react


Herbert Spencer

Herbert Spencer was an Englishman and is sometimes called the second founder of Sociology, believes Society operates under some fixed laws


Emile Durkheim

Emile durkheim’s primary goal was getting sociology recognized as a separate academic discipline. Study compared suicide rates among several countries.


C. Wright Mills

C. Wright Mills American sociologist, was concerned with the possibilities of intellectuals and World War II. The sociological imagination is defined as an awareness of the relationship between an individual and the wider society.


W.E.B. DuBois

W e b Dubois was an American sociologist and civil rights activists, Focus greatly on racism


Auguste Comte

Auguste comte was a French philosopher who founded the discipline of praxeology and doctrine of positivism


Robert Merton

Robert Merton was an American sociologist who interests include the sociology of Science and the professions, sociological theories, and mass communication


Harriet Martineau

Harriet martineau was considered the first woman sociologist for her numerous writings on economics and social theory


socoilogical perspective

sociological perspective is a perspective on human behavior and its connection to society as a whole



dysfunction refers to element and process of society that may disrupt a social system or lead to a decrease in stability



function is the part that a recurrent activity plays in social life as a whole and the contribution it makes to structural continuity


latent function

Latent function is unintended and unanticipated disruptions of order and stability


manifest function

manifest function is recognized And intended consequences of any social pattern



Symbols is the approach that focuses on the interactions among people based on mutually understood symbols.



Dramaturgy is a sociological perspective commonly used in micro sociological accounts of social interaction in daily life


Kar Marx

Karl Marx said the key to human history is class conflict. He introduced one of the major perspectives in sociology, conflict perspective.



conformity changes in Behavior or belief toward a group standard as a result of the group's influence on an individual


social structure

social structure is a distinctive, stable arrangement of Institutions where by human beings and a society interact and lives together


social wisdom

social wisdom is knowledge that is gained by having many experiences in life


mechanical solidarity

Mechanical solidarity of togetherness and a society that arises when people, performing similar work, share similar experiences


organic solidarity

organic solidarity is social Unity based on division of labor that result in people depending on each other



verstehen is a German word meaning to “understand and a deep way” ( understand another person's experience and how it's like to be in their shoes)



rationalization is the action of attempting to explain and justify Behavior or an attitude with logical reasons, even if not appropriate


sociological imagination

Social imagination is the practice of being able to think ourselves away from familiar routines



positivism is a philosophical system that hold every rationally justifiable assertion, can be scientifically verified or capable of logic


Suppose you have a neighbor that breaks into your house and steals money, using sociological imagination, what are the reasons that he could be doing that? ( provide 5 reasons)

number one he's financially struggling and probably thinks it's the easiest way to get money
number two maybe he wants money for drugs or just because he hates me
number three he might think that it's okay and that I wouldn't get mad
number four he thinks stealing is normal
number 5 his parents probably influenced him and he learned from them


what did C. Wright Mills mean by the term sociological imagination? Describe a time when you have use sociological imagination in your life

when Mills use the term sociological imagination, he meant the ability of individuals to see relationships between events in their personal lives and events in their society. it time that I use sociological imagination, was whenI threw trash out of the window of a car and I told myself that it was fine because nobody saw and that everyone else has done it before


what is the purpose of sociology?

The purpose of sociology is to help students understand the complex World in which they live in and to meet various social issues and personal relationships that occur in their lives


why are patterns so significant to the study of sociology?( Reference one of the Articles, not the tattoo article)

the patterns are so significant to the study of Sociology because Is they are essential to understanding society and the sociological perspective. We all have similar or different patterned ways in behaving


How did the tattoo article demonstrate the significance of patterns?

the tattoo article demonstrated significance of patterns in society and how it's changed. Before, having a tattoo was like a disgrace and barely anyone had them, now almost everyone has a tattoo/s all over their body. Society has spread the idea that tattoos are normal and a “ trend”


according to Auguste comte, what's the difference between social Statics and social dynamics?

social dynamics is the study of change and social Statics is the study of social stability and Order


how is a manifest function different from a latent function?

a manifest function is open, stated, and conscious. it involves the intended, recognized consequences of an aspect of society. For example the Manifest function of schools is to teach math. A latent function is unintended and unconscious and maybe The hidden purposes of an institution. Example, school is Social Development


explain the impact of Hernando Washington's life and how it led to his decision making. (describe at least three events and explain how they impacted his life).

Hernando grew up in a ghetto town where every crime that was committed, did not have a punishment there. His sister got raped repeatedly so he probably wanted to do the same thing to another woman and not get caught. his brother was shot and killed and the cops did not arrest the shooter. Washington was surrounded by a society that didn't get in trouble for their actions.


explain the impact of the Industrial Revolution on society and explain using three reasons how it led to the increase of crime.

The Industrial Revolution brought masses of people who migrated to cities in search of jobs, which increase crime. people didn't know each other so they didn't hold anyone accountable. The guilty party feels they can get away with anything because they won't get caught. Crowding was also a major issue, Criminals feel that Within a crowd they are more disguised. After committing it they can disperse into the crowd, making it easier to get away and not get caught. People in poverty are also more desperate to commit a crime they do what they can to survive even if that means having to Rob someone else to get what they need.


according to the discussion at the beginning of the semester, why does the government encourage marriage? use the sociological perspective

The government encourages marriage because they require fewer government benefits, they want children to be raised by two parents, and they commit less crime because they have someone to hold them accountable.


Explain the presentation of management. provide an example of a time you have used it

presentation of management is when people behave in a particular way in order to track someone they like. I pretended to like a soccer team to get my “exes” attention