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Nutrition Care Process

a system for identifying, planning, and meeting the nutrition needs of an individual patient or client


Four Steps of the Nutrition Care Process

ADIM (Assessment, Diagnosis, Intervention, and Monitoring and Evaluation)


Nutritional Screening

Determining who is at nutritional risk; identify those individuals who already have or potentially could have nutritional needs


Nutritional Screens should be:

1) Easy to understand 2) data obtained quickly and relevant 3) helps to initiate interventions early 4) cost-effective


Nutritional Assessment

Evaluation of many factors that influence or reflect nutritional health and nutrient requirements ; basis for identifying the nutritional needs and developing a plan to meet those needs.


Purpose of Nutritional Assessment

ADM (Accurately define individuals nutritional status, Determine the level of support the individual needs, Monitor changes in nutritional status and the effect of nutritional intervention)


Why are the elderly and sick most prone to malnutrition?

1) inadequate intake of nutrients 2) altered digestion and absorption 3) altered excretion of nutrients 4) higher metabolic needs due to stress of the illness of the body


Acute phase

illness begins hypermetabolism that robs nutrient reserves


Resistance phase

person with ample nutrient reserves will use them to mount a strong response


Adaptive phase

if adaptation occurs, nutrient balances are gradually restored


Recovery phase

recovered, but if nutrients are depleted, person may prolong illness or not recover.

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