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What are the properties of alpha particles?

Relatively big and heavy and slow moving


Because of the properties of alpha particles what does this mean in regards to how they move?

Because they are big heavy and slow moving they don't penetrate very far into materials and are stopped quickly even when travelling through air.


Due to their big size what does this mean?

Because of their size they are strongly ionising which means they bash into a lot of atoms and knock electrons of them before they slow down which creates a lot of ions


What are beta particles?

Beta particles are electrons


What are the properties of beta particles?

Beta particles are in between alpha and gamma in terms of their properties.
They move quite fast and are quite small


Because of beta particles properties what does this mean in terms of how they move?

They penetrate moderately into materials before colliding.
They have a long range in air
They are moderately ionising


For every beta particle emitted, A neutron turns to a ______ in the nucleus?

For every Beta particles emitted, a neutron turns to a proton in the nucleus.


What are gamma rays?

Gamma rays are very short wavelength EM waves


How do the properties of gamma rays help them in terms of movement?

They penetrate far into materials without being stopped and passed straight through


What are the properties of gamma rays?

Gamma rays have no mass and no charge.
They are opposite to alpha particles


Because of gamma rays properties what does this mean in terms of ionising?

This means they are weakly ionising because they tend to pass through rather than collide with atoms


What are alpha and beta particles deflected by?

Alpha and Beta are deflected by electric and magnetic fields


What charge do alpha and beta particles have?

Alpha particles have a positive charge
Beta particles have a negative charge


When travelling through a magnetic or electric field what will both alpha and beta particles do?

They will deflect


When alpha and beta particles travel through magnetic or electric field how will they deflect?

There deflected in opposite directions because of their opposite charge


How are alpha particles deflected in a magnetic and electric field in comparison to Beta particles? Why do they deflect like this ?

Alpha particles are deflected less than beta particles because they have a much greater mass.


What is the charge like in alpha particles in comparison to beta particles?

Alpha particles have a larger charge then beta particles and feel a greater force in magnetic and electric fields


Gamma radiation is an electromagnetic with that has no charge. Does it get deflected by electrical and magnetic fields?



Which are the most ionising alpha particles or gamma rays?

Alpha particles


Describe how the atomic number of a nucleus changes when a beta particle is emitted

It increases by one


Describe how the mass number of a nucleus changes after alpha emission

It decreases by four


Explain why alpha particles are deflected less than Beta particles

Alpha particles have a much greater mass


What are alpha particles?

Alpha particles are helium nuclei

2 neutrons, 2 protons