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What direction does friction act at?

Fiction always acts in the opposite direction to movement


Most of the resistive forces are caused by air resistance. What is a way of reducing the drag?

Streamlining an object


Do frictional forces from fluids always increase or decrease with speed?



Objects falling through fluids reach a......what?

objects falling through fluids reach a terminal velocity


When objects first fall why do they accelerate?

When you falling objects first set off the force of gravity is much more than the frictional force slowing them down so they accelerate


What happens as the speed increases and The friction builds up when an object is falling?

This gradually reduces the acceleration until eventually the frictional force is equal to the accelerating force and reached a terminal velocity


What two things does the terminal velocity of falling objects depends on?

Shape and area


On the moon why do feathers and Hammers drop simultaneously when they are dropped?

Because the accelerating force acting on all falling objects is gravity which would make them all fall at the same rate if it wasn't for air resistance. As the moon has no air objects will fall at the same time


On earth what is the terminal velocity of any object determined by?

On the terminal velocity of any object is determined by its drag in comparison to its weight because of air assistance which causes things to fall at different speeds


Explain why a parachutist slows down when they open their parachute

Because the parachute increases their air resistance