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Which denomination believes in the Six Articles of Faith?



What are the Six Articles of Faith?

1. Tawhid - Allah is the one and only god

2. Malaikah - Allah created angels

3. Holy books - God has revealed his word through the Qur'an

4. Risalah - God has spoken to humans through prophets

5. Akhirah - life after death, and the last judgement

6. Al-Qadr - predestination


Which denomination believes in the Five Roots of Usul ad-Din?



What are the Five Roots of Usul ad-Din?

1. Tawhid

2. Divine justice - Allah does no wrong and doesn't accept wrongdoing

3. Prophethood - Al-Nubuwah

4. Imams

5. Belief in the Day of Resurrection - Al-Ma'ad


Key Muslim beliefs about Allah?

1. He is infinite

2. He's omnipotent and omniscient

3. He is merciful and benevolent

4. He's both transcendent and immanent

5. He's fair and just


Why do some Sunnis say that Shi'a don't fully follow Tawhid?

They believe in the Imams who have special characteristics and are often seen as semi-divine


Complete the following:

"God is the ____ __ ______. He is the ______ ___ _____. Unto Him belong ___ ____ __ ___ ________ ___ __ _____."

"God is the Creator of Everything. He is the guardian over everything. Unto Him belong the keys of the heaven and the earth."


What is a Caliph? What's the difference between a Caliph and an Imam?

Caliph - Successor to Muhammad

Whilst 'Imam' also means successor of Muhammad, this is only in Shi'a tradition.


Who do Shiites believe the rightful successor to Muhammad was?



Reasons for believing Ali was the rightful successor?

Shiites believe this for a few reasons:

1. Shi'a Islam states that Muhammad made it clear that successors would only come from his bloodline. Ali was seen like his son, despite being his cousin.

2. Helped save Muhammad's life by acting as a decoy

3. He recorded part of the Qur'an


Who do Sunnis believe the rightful successor to Muhammad was?

Abu Bak'r


Reasons for believing Abu Bak'r was the rightful successor?

Sunnis believe this for a few reasons:

1. Widely considered to be a strong, wise and capable leader. He helped expand the Muslim empire

2. Helped save Muhammad's life by acting as a decoy

3. He led prayers whilst Muhammad was on his death bed


Who are the five main prophets mentioned in the Qur'an? Which holy book did they reveal?

Isa - Injil
Musa - Tawrat
Dawud - Zabur
Muhammad - Qur'an
Ibrahim - Suhuf Ibrahim


Is zakah seen as charity?

No - they see zakah simply as the distribution of wealth given by Allah


Quote for charity?

"whatever you do of good - indeed, Allah is Knowing of it."


What do Shi'a Muslims believe about when someone doesn't pay khums?

That the money is haram (forbidden)


Which days of ramadan are especially important? Why?

The final 10 - the Hadith states that it's during this time that the Night of Power occurred.


What does sawm do for a Muslim?

It helps make them completely obedient to Allah, driving them away from sin. It also helps them to appreciate the needs of others.


List the four stages of hajj. Briefly describe them.

1. In Mecca (a prayer of intent is said, the Muslims visit Kaaba and recite a verse whilst walking around it anti-clockwise)

2. Sa'y (re-enactment of Hagar's search for water, where it's believed Isma'il dug his foot into the ground and a spring of water rose)

3. Arafat (where Muslims stand facing the Kaaba and pray for forgiveness)

4. Mina (the stoning of Iblis. Muslims chuck rocks at pillars representing Iblis, similar to how Ibrahim and Isma'il did during the story of sacrifice. Id-ul-Adha is then celebrated).


How long does Id-ul-Fitr last for?

Three days