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What is a mosque?

A mosque is a place of worship for all Muslims. Festivals are celebrated there, fasts are broken there and disputes are solved at a mosque,


When is the Muslim Holy Day?

Friday, Imams lead prayer at a mosque every Friday however there are calls to prayer at certain times every day. In mosques in the UK Friday worships are very well attended.


What are the Sunni Five Pillars of Islam?

They are five compulsory acts that Sunni Muslims have to do to be a Muslim and are a duty of jihad.


What is the First Pillar of Sunni Islam?

First Pillar: Shahadah (Profession of Faith)
The First Pillar of Islam is the Shahadah, which is the assertion of Muslim faith, combining the themes of Unity and Mercy that are evident in the Qur'an


What is the Second Pillar of Sunni Islam?

Second Pillar: Salat (Prayer)
The Second Pillar of Islam is Salat, or prayer. These prayers are a very specific type of prayer and a very physical type of prayer called prostrations. These prayers are done 5 times a day, at set strict times, with the individual facing Mecca


What is the Third Pillar of Sunni Islam?

Third Pillar: Zakat (Almsgiving)
The Third Pillar of Islam is Zakat, or almsgiving or charity. By following this pillar, Muslims have to deduct certain amount of their income to support the Islamic community, and it usually about 2.5% of an individual’s income.


What is the Fourth Pillar of Sunni Islam?

Fourth Pillar: Sawm (Fasting)
The Fourth Pillar of Islam is Sawm, or fasting. Fasting takes place during Ramadan, which is the holy month in the Islamic calendar (lunar calendar).


What is the Fifth Pillar of Sunni Islam?

Fifth Pillar: Hajj (Pilgrimage)
The final Pillar of Islam is the Hajj, or pilgrimage. During one’s life, a Muslim is required to make the pilgrimage to Mecca during the 12th month of the lunar calendar.


Do Shi'a Muslims also follow the Five Pillars?

Yes, however they call them the 10 Obligatory Acts and there are four more and Jihad.


What is Jihad?

Jihad is the struggle to uphold the religion in the world. It literally means the struggle


What is Jihad?

Jihad is the struggle to uphold the religion in the world. It literally means the struggle.
Lesser Jihad is fighting against the enemy.
Greater Jihad is the inward struggle for Islam


What are the Six Articles Of Sunni Faith?

Tawhid- the oneness of God
Angels communicate the message of God
The Authority of the holy books however the Qur'anis the utmost authority
The Supremacy of God's Will- Allah has planned everything
Day of Judgement is when the dead will be sent to paradise or hell
The prophets of God. Muhammad means 'most highly praised' and is the most important prophet


What are the Five Roots of Usul ad-Din for Shi'a Islam?

The justice of God- Allah is the wisest and cannot go wrong however he hold humans accountable for their actions.
the Imamate- means accepting that the twelve Imams are the true leaders and they guard the truth without error.
Resurrection- Shi'a Muslims believe that after death they will be resurrected and then judged by god.
Tawhid- there is only one God.
Prophethood- means accepting Muhammad is God's last prophet