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What do you need to do before hand hygiene?

Open packaging and prime that add on device


What do you need to do before you put on gloves?

Apply the tourinequet and locate the IV site

Cleanse the IV site


How is the cannula actually inserted?

Fold down wings of cannula

Skin traction

Insert cannula at 10-45 degree angle and when there is flashback lower the angle and advance a further 1-2 mm


What do you do immediately after inserting the cannula?

Release tourniquet

Remove stylet whilst applying pressure on beyond the IV tip

Keep white cap if not using a primed add on device

Attach white cap or primed add on device

Secure cannula with dressing



What are the important steps after flushing the cannula?

Hand hygiene


Reassess the patient for any problems after 30 minutes, 2 - 4 hours, 24 hours