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This clause that says that each state will honor the acts and judicial decisions of other states

What is the Full Faith and Credit Clause


This clause says that the Constitution, national laws, and treaties will take precedence over state laws

What is the Supremacy Clause


This clause says that Congress can regulate commerce with other nations and between the states. It describes an enumerated power of Congress

What is the Interstate Commerce Clause


This clause says that citizens of each State are entitled to the privileges of all the other states

What is the Privileges and Immunities Clause


This clause ensures that when you drive to another state, your driver's license is still considered to be valid

What is the Full Faith and Credit Clause


This is the amendment that mentions the Reserve Powers

What is the 10th Amendment


This type of Federalism is characterized by tension between the state and national governments, which have separate responsibilities

What is Dual Federalism


This type of Federalism involves overlap between the state and national governments and shared power

What is Cooperative Federalism


This event caused the shift between Dual Federalism and Cooperative Federalism and expanded the power of the federal government

What is the Great Depression


Tools like mandates are used by the federal government to impose its policy preferences on the states in this type of Federalism

What is Coercive Federalism


As a result of this process, young people who grow up watching their parents participate in politics are more likely to vote when they get older

What is Political Socialization


This principle of political socialization says that what people learn first affects later learning

What is the Structuring Principal


This agent of political socialization is considered to be the most important

What is the Family


This principle of socialization says that what is learn first, is learned best

What is the Primacy Principal


This model of democracy says that the people have clear, rational opinions and that representative should follow public opinion

What is Majoritarianism


Women are most likely to identify with this political party

What is the Democratic Party


People with lower income levels are more likely to be this political ideology

What is Liberal


People with a Bachelor or Masters degree are more likely to vote for this party

What is the Republican Party


Men are more likely to be this ideological label

What is Conservative


One's position in society, based on education, income, and occupational status, is also referred to as this

What is Socioeconomic Status


Most Americans get their news from this media format

What is Television


This type of election coverage focuses on which candidate is ahead and which candidate is behind

What is Horse Race Journalism


The media executives and editors that decide which news to report are also called these

What are Gatekeepers


This term reflects the belief that television is the reason for citizens' low levels of political knowledge

What is Television Hypotheses


This type of journalism scrutinizes the government and businesses, and makes the public aware of misconduct

What Watchdog Journalism