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This type of political participation follows the established rules and include activities like voting or writing a letter to your representative

What is conventional participation


Compared to a number of other democratic countries, voter turnout in the United States is this

What is generally lower


This "model" for explaining political participation postulates that higher levels of education should lead to higher levels of political participation

What is the "standard socioeconomic model"


A direct vote by the people on either a proposed law or an amendment to a state constitution

What is a referendum


This type of political participation is characterized as "stressful" because, even if nonviolent, it may challenge the political and social status quo

What is unconventional participation


The Party Platform of this major political party will generally emphasize government policies and programs that promote equality more than those that promote freedom or order

What is the Democratic Party


During the era of the second party system, the Democratic and Whig parties followed the "Anti-Masonic Party" in devising a major meeting for their party, at which they would choose candidates for president and vice president and adopt their statement of policies (party platform). These meetings are known as…

What is the national (party )convention


During the era of the "first party system," the two main parties were the Federalists and the Democratic Republicans. Competition between these parties created a problem with the electoral college method of electing the president, which led to the passage of this Constitutional Amendment

What is the 12th Amendment


This model of how the party system could work in the United States says, among other things, that voters should hold elected officials accountable for how well they implement the government policies and programs their party stands for

What is the "responsible party model"


A political party differs from an interest group mainly in this way

What is, it's sponsors candidates for political office in its own name


The process by which interest groups bring new issues into the political limelight

What is agenda building


The segment of people is more likely to have their interest represented by an interest group

What is those who are wealthier and have more resources


And interest group's attempt to influence a legislator's vote through personal contact with the legislator is known as this

What is direct lobbying


If an interest group keeps an eye on a government agency to make sure they are enforcing regulations, they are engaged in this

What is program monitoring


These organizations pull money from interest group members and donate to political parties and candidates

What is a Political Action Committee (PAC)


The Constitutional Amendment that establishes 18 as the minimum age required to know

What is the 26th Amendment


This Amendment to the Constitution makes sure that no one is denied the right to vote by reason of failing to pay a poll or other tax

What is the 24th Amendment


Prior to any amendments, the US Constitution stipulated that Senators were to be chosen by the state legislators. This progressive era amendment changed (in 1913) the mode of elections so that Senators are elected by popular election in each state

What is the 17th Amendment


This Amendment to the constitution states that no one can be denied the right to vote because of race, color or previous condition of servitude

What is the 15th Amendment


This amendment to the Constitution granted the right to vote to all citizens regardless of sex

What is the 19th Amendment


An election is it is marked by a sharp change in the existing patterns of party loyalty among groups of voters is known as one of these

What is a critical election


Contrary to what the Standard Socioeconomic Model would predict, political participation in the United States has done this as general education levels have increased

What is declined


Compared to the record of many other countries in granting the right to vote to all adults citizens, United States has this

What is an equal or better record in granting the right to vote


The Party Platform of this major political party will generally emphasize government policies and promote order and freedom more than those that promote equality

What is the Grand Old Party (GOP) or Republican Party


The "critical election" of 1860 was the first of four critical elections that have occurred in this party system (where in the Democratic and Republican are the two major parties)

What is the third or current party system