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Passing 10,000' and 10,000' levels

PM "Altimeters"

PF [Alt/FL], cleared[ALT/FL].


On climb at Transition altitude.

PM 'Transitions

PF "Numerals or Standard, Set & cross checked"

(Where transition and an altitude call coincide the altitude call is omitted).


On descent approaching Transition level and cleared to an altitude.

PM "Transition"

PF "Approach checklist"


1000' above/below assigned altitude/FL

PM 'Altimeters'

PF "1,000' to go"

(where a 10,000' call falls at a thousand ft above/below assigned altitude the "1000 to go" call prevails.


After T/O through 400ft RA

(pilot actions)

PF Call for roll mode as needed, "LNAV/HDG select"

PM Select or verify Roll mode as required.


At Thrust reduction and acceleration altitude.

(generally 1000 ft RA)
(pilot actions)

PF " Climb thrust-Bug Up"

PM Sets the flap up manoeuvring speed


After flaps and slats retraction is complete and above 3000ft.

(pilot actions)

PF Call "VNAV'

PM engage VNAV.


Flap retraction for flap 5 t/o

(pilot actions)

-V2 +15 and accelaration set flap 1
-At flap 1 flap up.


During Last hour of cruise do a fuel ....................

(pilot actions)

PNF crossfeed valve check


At 20,000' or at least 10mins before landing but not less than 10,000ft make the........

PF, Makes prepare cabin for landing PA.
"Cabin crew prepare cabin for landing"


Flap extension schedule

(pilot actions)

Current/At speed tape/select flap/Command
flap / "display" / / speed for
/ / / selected flap

UP / "up" / 1 / "1"
1 / "1" / 5 / "5"
5 / "5" / 15 / "15"
15 / "15" / 30 or 40/ VREF +5


When Glide slope becomes Active

PNF "Glideslope alive"


After gear is down and flap 15 has been selected
(pilot actions)

PF set speed brake lever to arm
verify the "speed brake" armed light is illuminated


At glide slope capture

(pilot actions)

PF call "Flaps 30 or 40"
PNF set flaps as required
PF set the missed approach heading and altitude on the MCP
PF call for "landing Checks"
PNF Do the landing checks


Initial actions for a Missed approach or go-around

PF (at same time) call "Go-around, Flaps 15, push the TO/GA switch.

PNF, select flap 15, verify thrust is sufficient for go around.

Both pilots verify the rotation to go-around attitude.

Once theres a positive rate

PNF "positive rate"
PF verify positive rate "gear up"
PNF verify that missed approach alt is set in the MCP.


External Lights
Nav and Logo Lights

On for all night operations
Logo lights on when on the ground and when below 10,000' HAA.


External Lights
Ready to taxi........

Turn on:
-Runway turn off lights
-taxi lights
-wing lights


External Lights
Crossing active runway and when cleared to enter the active runway.

Turn on:
-Position light Strobe and steady


External Lights
When cleared for T/O

Turn On:
Day-Fixed Ldg lights

Night-Fixed Ldg Lights
-Retractable Ldg Lights


External Lights
After T/O (after ldg gear and flaps retracted)

Turn off:
-Retractable Ldg lights (at night)
-Runway Turnoff Lights
-Taxi Light


External Lights
Approximately 10,000'HAA on climb

Turn off:
-Fixed Landing lights
-Wing lights
-Logo Lights


External Lights
Approximately 10,000'HAA on Descent.

Turn on:
-Fixed Ldg lights
-Runway Turn off Lights
-Taxi lights
-Wing Lights
-Logo Lights (night only).


External Lights
No Later than 500HAA on final

Turn on:
-Retractable Ldg Lights ( night only)


External Lights
After Ldg when clear of the runway and taxi to the gate.

Turn off:
-Runway Turnoff Lights
-Taxi Lights
-Wing Lights


External Lights
Once Cleared For Start and Push

Turn On:
-Anti Collision Light.


Upon approaching the hold point or as your lining up on the Runway For T/O

PF, "Runway 16 right"

PM, "Confirmed or 16 right"

PM, "take off data checked"


Sterile flight deck periods

-Last Door closed till seat belt sign is Off/Auto

-From Prepare cabin PA till A/C stops or A/C turns off Rwy.


No Contact periods

-From Take off roll till gear up

-From Gear Down till A/C stops or Exits Rwy


When Shall pilots use Oxygen

When Cabin altitude exceeds 10,000'

When only one pilot occupies the controls at or above FL350, that pilot shall wear the mask and breath oxygen


Max Speed Below 5000'

250kts til 3000